Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Israel shoots down UFO as sightings rise

In this story CNN reports that Israeli fighter planes shot down an Unidentified Flying Object flying over a nuclear plant. To those who are familiar with UFO patterns this is a common occurrence as our mysterious guests have an unexplained love for nuclear, weapons  and electricity installations, as well as large bodies of water.
(although they seem to avoid running water such as rivers, reminding us of the Medieval lore that witches cannot cross streams or rivers).
Nothing new in this story, other than the fact that it was announced. Even if it was something from another world, it’s fragments are undoubtedly locked away in an Israeli equivalent of Area 51.


The report comes in a time where UFO sightings are on the rise, and not a small rise either.

According to the United Nations 150 million people have reported seeing a UFO since 1947, when the modern-day UFO era begun.
This number is by no means up to date, because of two factors:
1. there is no one central reporting database or research center, but rather a multitude of Organizations, Forums. Groups, Sub-groups and rival factions. It’s a mess.
2. Most of the sightings are taking place in China, where strict censorship and ignorance prevent full exposure. (remember the Pyramids of China, not revealed to the public until 1994, and still largely unexplored?)


So what does it all mean? Is it a build-up for the imminent Invasion-Disclosure-Announcement? Is it a product of the Internet Age, where information and personal publishing is as easy as breathing? Has actual UFO activity risen or just reports of it? (although that reminds me of the question whether a tree falling in the woods with no one to hear makes any noise…)

I don’t know if it all leads to something concrete, besides the fact that more and more people are convinced that we are not alone. That alone is important since it has been the goal of UFO buffs to convert everyone, not to mention the Great Government Conspiracy poised to reveal all when we are ready…
As one commenter on the subject pointed out here:

UFO reports increase in proportion to humans increasing sense of self importance. So much for the Copernican scientific revolution.

That’s bitter.. And it sounds dangerously true..

Images above part of the *U* UFO Database, sadly now closed.
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