Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wikileaks UFO Conspiracy Theory

imageI am trying to keep my conspiratorial instinct at bay, lest I be climbing roofs screaming Bloody Murder (and Conspiracy), but events cannot seem to let me be.

In the wake of the Wikileaks debacle, of which I am sure you are all aware of, several key points of the whole affair point to a more sinister scenario..

Point number one: Julian Assange gave an interview to the Guardian in the UK hinting on unreleased documents concerning UFOs. A few days later he was arrested on false charges of rape, quickly exposed by Swedish bloggers.
You see where I am getting at: This guy has been publishing on the Net thousands of documents concerning various acts of war and related top-secret stuff, and just when he mentions UFOs and aliens, he is stopped and his site shut down. Someone had an ex foreign-office extreme feminist accuse him of rape, ensuring that an international search warrant was issued. His storage providers ceased providing, and a whole shutdown operation appeared to be in effect.

Just when he mentioned the UFO documents, he was not to be tolerated anymore, or so it seems. (Random thought: Was the NASA announcement a preemptive strike in case something went wrong?)

Point number two: The Encrypted file. This is where it gets good.
In the recent posting of Afghan War files, one file was bigger than all the rest of them put together. The file is 1.4 Gigabytes and encrypted with the AES256 encryption. It is called Insurance.
See where I am getting at? If you feared being thrown in prison or murdered and you had documents that could bring the whole thing down what would you call it? Insurance. A 256 bit encryption needs years to be cracked, so the insurance should have an insurance holder, namely the guy who knows the key. Or guys. Maybe that explains why the file was distributed along with the other files and through the anonymous peer-to-peer BitTorrent network. So the file reached the right people, independently of what happened to the Wikileaks site.

So is this file the Holy Grail of all Conspiracy Theories? The truth about UFOs and alien contact, the full disclosure we’ve been waiting for?
Truth is I don’t know. It seems plausible, but a big part is also wishful thinking.
Several internet sites have reported that the UFO documents only had “off-hand remarks about UFOs”.
And of course they could be wrong.

For those thinking “why did he not release them anyway”, I have this: It’s ok to publish anything that sheds light on the darkest corners of politics and the world. It’s ok to expose people and Governments and companies if it is the truth.

But.. If you knew that one set of documents could potentially bring everything down, destroy mindsets, ruin economies and bring the world to a standstill…

Then would you go public? 
I for one don’t know…

Probability analysis of the insurance.aes256 file posted by WikiLeaks

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