Monday, October 14, 2013

Mermaid video, probably a hoax

The Animal Planet thing tends to give it some credibility, but it seems too polished to be true.
Or it's just me and my incredulous nature

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Mohorovicic Discontinuity: Hollow Earth, sort of..

Here's an interesting piece of fact I'd never heard of, despite my years of delving into fringe matters:
The Mohorovicic Discontinuity, or Moho as it usually referred to, is a huge gap between the Earth's crust and the Mantle.
Discovered through the use of seismic waves back in 1909 by the gentleman on the left, it is a huge mystery as to it's composition. The waves indicate a change in composition, about 35 km beneath the earth, and several kilometers thick.
Scientists DO NOT rule out the possibility of huge gaps, like  let's say, caves, the size of small continents and with roofs up to 7 kilometers high.
Got it? Wrap your head around it, did you now? Middle Earth, Hollow Earth, Shamballa and Thule, all wrapped into, well, lots and lots of caves. Or it could just be basalt, or crushed granite, or water.. But we can dream, can't we?
The downside to all this is that it is virtually unexplorable. The depths are phenomenal, way more than we have ever reached, although some serious effort has been made through the years, through an ill-fated American attempt, and a half-way success but the Russians. No, they did not reach the Moho, but they get an A for effort, and for drilling the world's deepest hole, 12,262 meters if you please, before the project was scrapped for lack of money.. 
Read all about the Kola superdeep borehole here.
Makes you think though, doesn't it?

Friday, July 12, 2013

Voynich manuscript contains language after all

Voynich manuscriptThe Voynich manuscript continues to generate buzz, mainly, I think, because in this day and age of supercomputers, it is simply unthinkable to have a codex that cannot be cracked.
Alas, there is. After so much time, all that has been established, is that the Voynich manuscript contains a genuine written language, and is not plain gibberish as many have suggested.

In this article in BBC News, it is stated:
"There is substantial evidence that content-bearing words tend to occur in a clustered pattern, where they are required as part of the specific information being written," he explains.
"Over long spans of texts, words leave a statistical signature about their use. When the topic shifts, other words are needed.
"The semantic networks we obtained clearly show that related words tend to share structure similarities. This also happens to a certain degree in real languages."
Dr Montemurro believes it unlikely that these features were simply "incorporated" into the text to make a hoax more realistic, as most of the required academic knowledge of these structures did not exist at the time the Voynich manuscript was created.
Though he has found a pattern, what the words mean remains a mystery. The very fact that a century of brilliant minds have analysed the work with little progress means some believe a hoax is the only likely explanation.
 Again, the hoax hypothesis, but weakened with every breakthrough.

"After this study, any new support for the hoax hypothesis should address the emergence of this sophisticated structure explicitly. So far, this has not been done.
"There must be a story behind it, which we may never know," Dr Montemurro adds.
The mystery lives on. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Ningen: Deep Ones in the Antarctic?

The video frame above is said to depict a Ningen, a creature of Japanese lore, said to live in the depths of Antarctic waters.
Ningen literally means "human" in Japanese, and they have been spotted by Japanese fishermen and "research ships" (translation: whaling ships) during the last decade.
There are a few blurry photographs and some really blurry videos of these things, and the following details, coming from an anonymous researcher:
They are humanoid in appearence, long arms with five fingers, (or not if you read another account), have legs (or fins), are completely white, and are 20 to 30 meters in length. (!!!!) They mostly surface at night, and they are difficult to spot because they resemble icebergs.

Now that's a large creature.. Aliens? The Deep Ones? Shoggoths? (remember At the Mountains of Madness? it was set in the Antarctic)
Your guess is as good as mine.. Here's what Mysterious Universe has to say
While the first known reports of theses mammoth monstrosities are apparently untraceable; it is accepted that the Ningen did not gain any real notoriety until a description of these creatures appeared online in a popular Japanese forum known as 2channel. The individual posting claimed to have been working on a “government whale research vessel,” when one of these creatures rose up from the depths.
According to the account, the anonymous crew member — along with fellow researchers — scrambled up onto the deck to catch a glimpse of what they initially thought was a “foreign submarine” floating on the horizon. However, as the research vessel approached the object it became evident that they were not dealing with a machine-tooled structure, but a living, breathing, behemoth. The crew stared in awe at this biological anomaly until it submerged moments later.
There are persistent rumors that suggest that members of this research team managed to snap a series of extraordinary photos of the “thing” during their brief encounter, but these images were allegedly suppressed in order to spare the government funded research team the shame — and financial ruin — of being associated with this unusual event.
An here's a video said to be depicting a Ningen

Alien / Ningen Sighting : Sagami Bay, Japan Aug... από MysteryHistoryTV

Whatever these things are, I suspect information will be slow at coming, forever keeping them in the long light of uncertainty.. 

More photos and Videos Here 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sirius Disclosure (is it?) -

Sirius is a new documentary movie coming out in just a few days (April 22), promising to shed light on UFO's, aliens, alternative energy and the cover-up that inevitably follows them.  Headed by Dr. Steven Greer, it promises more than 100 witnesses from various government positions, as well as documents, pictures, videos and an analysis of an alleged ET body found in Atacama desert, if I'm not mistaken...
From the trailer, it appears to have an MTV-esque look on the research, with fast-paced cuts, handheld drama shots and an overall real-life aesthetic to it, that I suppose is there to appeal to younger audiences, as well as add credibility, but kinda fails..
There appears to be no new information, or disclosure of any kind, other than statements and personal views, but I should wait for the whole film before passing judgment..
So head over to the Sirius Disclosure site, to see just how many donate buttons you can count, and I'll get back to you. In the meantime, trailer below.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Meteors, UFOs and more: Strange Days indeed!

You don’t have to search for weird stuff happening these last few months. Instead it seems to be making it’s way to mainstream media more and more, proof that waves of events can no longer be ignored or attributed to imagination and hoax.
Increasing UFO sighting with thousands of witnesses, a multitude of reports of Loud Booms- a separate category on itself these days –, droning sounds from underground, freak storms and a giant meteor in Russia a few days ago.
Admittedly the meteor does not lent itself to any paranormal association, but it sure gave a nice War of the Worlds feel to the whole thing…
Last but not least, there’s the shifting perception of reality, reported by lot’s of people, although I am not sure we have words to describe a shift in Reality’s Core. It is intriguing and scary stuff, and we’ll get back to that soon. These are interesting times indeed..