Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Creature at night Hoax (prolly)


Now this is one creepy picture. Supposedly it was taken by a trail cam used by a hunter somewhere in Louisiana. The image is spooky as hell and if it is a hoax, it is a great job. The poster’s mistake was that he posted a second picture of the same spot “just for reference”


And the problems become visible: The little tree on the right is exactly the same, although the images are supposedly 9 days apart, and the texture of the creature is exactly the same as the deer’s. Nothing conclusive but it sure points to a certain direction.

Great Photoshop job, but hoaxes are abundant nowadays, and most of the investigative work is done at the comfort of your own home, since debunking is best done in front of a computer..

Even creepier than the photo: The comments at the thread over in Archery Talk where the image was posted. One guy answers the question “what is that thing” with “Prolly a liberal ! ”.. 
How’s that for White Trash Central?

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Eric Nilson said...

The texture is difficult with the clarity that a trail-cam gives in b/w quality of this particular camera. the trail-cam is at a different height and slightly angled than the other, if not then our, yes our, image comparison of entities heights is inexperienced.