Thursday, June 19, 2008

The screwfly solution

After reading the excellent article on Technoccult on the rise of violent incidents for no reason, including road rage, I started thinking what could have caused this. The obvious case on fast-paced life is not the only candidate.
case 1: Being the animals that we are, reduced space means there are contenders in our private area or around it, and the reptile in us lashes out in defence.
case 2: The Earth is defending itself, much like the diseases it uses from time to time, according to some fringe epidimiologists. How it works is, of course, pure speculation.
case 3: (the scariest and the most interesting) We are ushered in a time of tension, war and mayhem by some alien race looking for some real-estate. Why fight the insects one at a time when you can make them kill each other?
If I had a Conspiracy Theory Teacher he would be proud..

UFOs collide with fighter jet?

So much for advanced UFO flight-guidance systems..
I mean, it leaves us with many possible conclusions, and only one is actually a happy thought.
Oh, and the obvious conclusion that aliens can't pilot those things to save their lives.. Remember Roswell?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More Structures on the Moon?

Careful study of public domain Lunar images, led researcher Allan Sturm to discover structures resembling hexagon, neatly arranged pods and some resemblance of a half-buried machine...
Maybe the Moon still has surprises left for us, or at least it still has some bucks left in exploiting it.
The future will tell, if we ever get to return up there...