Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Disassembling Lovecraft

Courtesy of the Surreal One the above movie trailer came to my attention: The Last Lovecraft: The Relic of Cthulhu.
Yep. It’s a comedy. And although my skin crawls at the thought of the Great Old Ones being used in a comedy, I have to admit the whole “last Lovecraft” premise sounds funny. If you couple that with generous amounts of tentacles and goo and unnamable horrors, well, they could have something.  Here’s the story.


On the contrary, the “In Search of Lovecraft” flick I saw last week, made me weep for the lost, never to be returned, hours I spent watching it.
It is the tale of a young reporter who stumbles on to a Mythos-inspired cult, and faces horrors unknown to mankind. Yeah right.

The film looks like it was made by high-school kids, and sounds even worse! As for the horrors, some of the special effects will make your skin crawl with their apparent crappiness!
To top it all up, the movie poster features a naked chick with glowing eyes. Can you say “sexploitation”? (although there is not one shred of nudity inside the film, so it’s only poster-wise… )

Pffffff. I will have to wait for “In the Mountains of Madness” by Guillermo Del Toro. At least there there is hope. And hope dies last.

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