Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Giant, GIANT cave on Mars

What at first appeared to be a black spot on the lava surface of Arsia Mons, turned out to be a giant hole leading to some underground abyss. Why not just a regular cave? Because according to the research team, the diffused light of the Martian atmosphere should be able to shed light inside a regular-sized or even large cave. Since there is NO LIGHT whatsoever in any of the pixels comprising the image, the hole is an opening to an underground abyss of immense proportions.
And although I shudder with delight thinking of the unspeakable secrets hidden down there, I cannot help but think of the unspeakable secrets hidden in the caves and tunnels of our own Earth, which for the most part remain unexplored, despite ample evidence of something strange goin' on down there. Why? Conspiracies come to mind, and then the usual culprit takes their place: Indifference and the inability to communicate fully with one's neurons, save for the usual textbook blabber that is the standard response to everything out of the ordinary. There is nothing down there but rock... Keep repeating that to yourselves.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Of calm seas and troubled minds

Follow the link to read about yet another boat found intact, without a soul onboard.
And although this kind of occurence is passe, especially to The Bermuda Triangle afficionados, it makes me wonder.
To anyone who has ever been out to sea, it does not take long to remember the loneliness, the power, the awe. You are in a Borderland of sorts, a land never truly conquered, never understood. Anything can happen when you are all alone, and, apparently, sometimes it does. And to pose the old quantum question: When a tree falls and there is noone there to hear, does it still make a sound?
Did pirates kill or abduct the crew, or something else entirely, like the edge of another world claim them? And which one is worse?
Read The House in the Borderland by William Hope Hodgson. A bit of that feeling is in there.