Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Terra Incognita Apparel (well, just a t-shirt)


I finally came around to doing something I had my mind on for a long time now. T-shirts and stuff, you know.. To the right you can see a new page called Terra Incognita Apparel.

I hope I have the time and inspiration to create new designs for my shop on Spreadshirt. Lots of ideas but very little time…

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The corner of your eye

In this little follow-up to things right in front of our eyes, we have this little hilarious ad,

this interesting experiment,

and this article explaining how our brain constantly fucks with our perception. It is nothing new and it is the foundation of magic tricks, but it is nonetheless disturbing to wonder. Wonder how much you don’t notice everyday, wonder just how big a part of the world around us we are missing, and then stop wondering how Cryptoterrestrials could live among us.
Hell, with that kind of limited perception our world could be secretly invaded by Fluorescent Clowns on Unicycles and we probably wouldn’t notice.. That’s so depressing. Maybe David Lynch is on to something with his Transcendental Meditation thingie..

Anything to get out of the stupor, right?

Friday, June 4, 2010

More Holes..


Directly from Wikipedia article:

Mel's Hole is a story told about a geographic anomaly that a man named Mel Waters discovered on his land near Ellensburg, Washington… …

While speaking on Coast to Coast AM, Waters related several stories about the hole and its properties. Among these stories was the claim that he had discovered that it was in excess of 15 miles (24 kilometers) deep, a figure he is said to have reached after spooling out 18 reels of 20 lb test fishing line, tied end on end, into the hole. Waters claims that he attached a "triangular, one-pound, standard lead fishing weight" to the end of the fishing line.

Waters told a story of a man in the local area who threw the deceased body of a dog which he had owned down the well which in the future returned to this particular man while he was out hunting. The man called the dog over but appeared to be hunting with another man, some time later. He also speculated that the hole and its properties might be tied to certain cosmological events, including unspecified alignments of the moon.[3]

On the September 18, 2008 edition of Coast to Coast AM, Guest Red Elk, an Inter-Tribal Medicine Man, recounted the time he visited Mel's hole with his father. He recounted the hole as "around 9 ft. around and somewhere between 24–28 miles deep" and said that it was a blow hole for Mount Rainier… … In 1997 a nearby Tri-Cities newspaper, the Tri-City Herald, reported that Waters was not listed in the Kittitas County telephone directory or the register of taxpayers, and that authorities in Ellensburg were unable to find any evidence that he was a resident, thus calling into question whether he existed

End quote. Well, aside from the fact that he could not be found, at least officially, as he is said to be travelling around in a trailer, this story has intrigues a lot of people. Including me. I did say I have a thing for the subterranean realm, didn’t I? Article in the Seattle Times, a weird, untidy abandoned forum which links Mel to Count St. Germaine and more.. Here’s the site where you can listen the shows for yourselves. Oh, and a cover-up operation. But that is not what I wanted to say.

I just wanted to assert that Paranormal places – Loci, have a way of hiding their existence very well. It could be that they weren't there in the first place. It could be that human beings do not react well to High Strangeness (or high magnetic fields – take your pick). It could be that those staging the show have lost interest and cannot support it further. It could be anything. But we have to keep in mind that old methods of research do not necessarily apply to new paradigms. When you investigate High Strangeness, do you expect your evidence to behave less strange? When you are not ready for it, would you know it in everyday life?
Alternate Thought Processes. Non-Linear Thinking. Consciousness shift. Those could be tools.

Who knows what we could see?

Image from the Mel’s Hole exhibition at the Grand Central Art Center

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Trail of Cthulhu - Guatemala


No, it’s not Photoshop. It is a giant sinkhole that swallowed a building in Guatemala City, after tropical storm Agatha. The pictures where published in the Guatemalan’s Government Flickr feed, otherwise I would think it was a hoax. Source: NY TImes.

I was amazed at how round it is, almost like a well. As for the depth, it seems no one knows yet, but it sure looks bottomless… Reminds me of that post I resisted a while back knowing that it was crap.


As I have stated in earlier posts, I have a thing for all things Hollow Earth, as well as the Cthulhu mythos in General. I mean, look at this hole. Shudde M’ell himself would have no trouble entering or exiting that hole. Really. But, then again, if he had, everyone in Guatemala City would be dead or stark raving mad. It’s that Great Old One effect we love so much.
Still, that hole gives me the chills…