Friday, August 10, 2007

Another Ufo Revelation with a twist

Ufocasebook has an interesting story from a letter received from an anonymous source, pertaining to his research during the eighties on some top-secret project involving Ufo technology. So far no big deal.
The interesting thing in his statement, which is quite large, is the theory that the symbols on ufos are actually a kind of active software, and when printed on the proper material and inside the proper field, they generate physical action, in this case antigravity.
The images are quite nice and intriguing, but what strikes me the most is the resemblance of the above statement with the fundamental principles of Magic, or Magick as it was called the past hundred years or so. The magicians of the Middle ages through the use of Seals, as the symbols where called, and the appropriate field, created through the use of Forbidden words, where said to be able to open portals and converse with beings said to be demons.
In the twentieth century, Austin Osman Spare preached the use of Sigils, as he called them, which where in essence your wishes and ideas crafted in a symbol or ideogram.
In the Ordo Templi Orientis, Kenneth Grant used symbols handed down to him by extra-dimensional entities, to open specific portals or gates to Elsewhere, or even achieve effects such as wheather phenomena and levitation (read: antigravity). Detailed instructions in his book Hecate's Fountain and some of his other books.
I have had a feeling for a very long time now, that magic, ufos and most realms of the paranormal where manifestations of the same phenomenon, and that they operate under the same mechanics. The only thing to be found now is the science behind them all.
Arthur Clarke was right after all..

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

British UFO Report

Recently, the British Ministry of Defence announced the disclosure of a report concerning Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (that is UFO’s for us, the untrained civilians that we are!). Many sightings reports were examined in order to determine their value to the Defence Intelligence and to estimate the potential threat or technical information that could be derived should the UAP be something more than natural atmospheric phenomena. The report of this study is in several .pdf files that can be found here.

Thursday, July 5, 2007


Strange sighting by a couple in Shropshire, UK.
While driving along the A5, they saw something like:

“This shape was about 1ft wide by 3ft or 4ft long. It quickly glided up the side of the hedges, over the top and curled around a wide tree.

“Our initial thoughts were that it was a white fox because of the shape and size but the movement was too fast, it came off the ground and the movement was not animal-like.” They added: “The shape was also a solid white mass with no definable features of legs or tails or wings.”

What intrigues me about these reports is that they just don't fit into any categories. UFO? Cryptozoology? No.
Parallel realities? And what's with the shapelessness? Nothing except single cell organisms are shapeless on Earth, and we kind of expect the same to apply elsewhere..
This intrigues me not only because there is such a hotspot nearby where I live (Mount Pendeli), but because I have actually seen such a creature (or that's what I think). In a road famous for it's Mothman-like creature sightings and anti-gravity phenomena, a white shapeless mass in the side of the road moving quickly out of the headlights range is no small thing. But what can one do? Stop the car?
Yeah, right. The fear is all instinct, and the tingly feeling on the back of your neck that makes your hair stand upright is no thing to laugh at.
Yes, it could have been a fox combined with my tired eyes, but those hairs in the back of my neck tell me that was not the case..

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Giant, GIANT cave on Mars

What at first appeared to be a black spot on the lava surface of Arsia Mons, turned out to be a giant hole leading to some underground abyss. Why not just a regular cave? Because according to the research team, the diffused light of the Martian atmosphere should be able to shed light inside a regular-sized or even large cave. Since there is NO LIGHT whatsoever in any of the pixels comprising the image, the hole is an opening to an underground abyss of immense proportions.
And although I shudder with delight thinking of the unspeakable secrets hidden down there, I cannot help but think of the unspeakable secrets hidden in the caves and tunnels of our own Earth, which for the most part remain unexplored, despite ample evidence of something strange goin' on down there. Why? Conspiracies come to mind, and then the usual culprit takes their place: Indifference and the inability to communicate fully with one's neurons, save for the usual textbook blabber that is the standard response to everything out of the ordinary. There is nothing down there but rock... Keep repeating that to yourselves.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Of calm seas and troubled minds

Follow the link to read about yet another boat found intact, without a soul onboard.
And although this kind of occurence is passe, especially to The Bermuda Triangle afficionados, it makes me wonder.
To anyone who has ever been out to sea, it does not take long to remember the loneliness, the power, the awe. You are in a Borderland of sorts, a land never truly conquered, never understood. Anything can happen when you are all alone, and, apparently, sometimes it does. And to pose the old quantum question: When a tree falls and there is noone there to hear, does it still make a sound?
Did pirates kill or abduct the crew, or something else entirely, like the edge of another world claim them? And which one is worse?
Read The House in the Borderland by William Hope Hodgson. A bit of that feeling is in there.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Strange Hexagon formation on Saturn

A strange hexagon-shaped cloud formation(?) was discovered by the Cassini-Huygens mission on the North pole of the distant planet.
Baffled scientists try to explain how such a precise shape can be attributed to forces of nature.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Time Rivers of Goro Adachi

Goro Adachi on
creates an interesting theory on Topographic Imprints on a large scale, stating that the river Nile and others, such as the Tigris-Euphrates pf Messopotamia, are actually huge monuments left to us by a much higher intelligence countless aeons ago. He goes further by stating that the rivers are a blueprint of human history, not being clear however if they foretold history or where somehow related to historical events.
Admittedly his approach is somewhat suspect. It is the usual suspect to be blunt: Numerology and stellar connections. Having seen all kinds of theories "proven" by sketchy correlations between alignment, dimensions of monuments and trigonometrical data for every conceivable attribute of any given star and constellation, it looks more of the same old "I can prove that the Eiffel Tower was built by Aliens" stuff.
But although his proof is shaky at best, his theory makes an interesting point: Researchers have excluded Earth-scale monument research from their repertoire.. The reason can be easily traced back to the ridicule factor: Ridicule follows anyone arguing the Ancient Autronaut-God theory. If you add Terran-scale monuments to the description, even hardcore fanatics will probably think you are stretching things too far.. That is why all theorists try to back up their proposal using the only available tool: Mathematical relations.
I think this is the wrong way. Not only does it prove nothing, but also creates a sense of fringe to "normal people". There is a lot of research to be done, but not on a map using a ruler.. If these kinds of monuments exist, they are probably more than charts.
Why does everyone seem to forget the inherent usefulness rule? Let's assume the Nile is artificial..
Why would someone build a 6700 kilometer river simply for leaving an obscure and questionnable cryptic message countless centuries later?
Does it not make more sense that such an undertaking would have a very specific purpose?
Will return to the subject soon..

Monday, March 5, 2007

Morgellons Disease - Infection from where?

Just came across this strange disease, which seems to be very widespread in the States. The disease is not recognized by the medical community and is commonly thought to be delusional parasitosis.. It entails lesions with multiple add-ons such as multi-colored fibers, capsules, worms and things with tentacles (!) . It is being associated with mutated cotton used for fabrics, as well as with strange chemtrails left by planes. Would be interesting to know if it involves any psychological symptoms or the affected individuals have had any peculiar dreams. Is this paving the way for five years from now?

Friday, March 2, 2007

"Sungods In Exile" sadly a hoax - Or not?

Having read about the book (and not actually having read it) since my childhood, I was disappointed to find out in that it was probably all a hoax, as writer David Agamon stated in print and in person, on several different occasions.
The story here:

Pity, since it was a fascinating and magical story, although too good to be true. Or was it?
Since evidence and people having them are easily "misplaced" or intimidated into submission, I can still keep a doubt in the back of my mind, since debunking IS another form of propaganda, and as such, should be treated with the same amount of skepticism as any far-fetched story it targets..

Welcome Stranger

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