Tuesday, August 24, 2010

UK Government releases UFO files


This month the British Government released the - up to now - confidential UFO files from the Ministry of Defense, Parliament and related correspondence. Even for archival purposes, this is a good thing, and also it sheds some light on the structure (?) of command and lack of organization between departments. Check out the Rendlesham Forest Incident letters in file DEFE 24/1995/1, around page 70. Good fun..
Of course everything is heavily edited to protect the (not-so) innocent and of course they can’t expect us to believe that this is all, right?
The fact that I am paranoid does not mean that there is no conspiracy…

The whole archive is here : http://ufos.nationalarchives.gov.uk/

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Orbs Part 2 - Thoughts, comments and cats

Reader Sara has shared a link on my previous post on Orbs and their reality (or ours) , as well as an admonition to start using our minds. The link is here. The author of the page also provides a "general explanation" here.
Now for the meat of the matter:
I never implied that orbs are actually a paranormal phenomenon without an explanation. I was thinking out loud (a thing I am often guilty of in this blog) in my favorite topic: Paranormal Research and discovery.
Since it seems everyone knows the truth, I must protest:
I have pictures of Orbs taken with a DSLR (Nikon D90) without a flash. There goes that explanation.
Now if I could only find them among my thousands of pictures...
The simplistic approach of putting all your eggs in one basket is not the best when investigating the paranormal. Sure, orbs can be created by dust particles, moisture fog, tiny lens imperfections and more.
It just DOES NOT MEAN that all orbs can be explained.
The small percentage of orbs that cannot reasonably be explained is the fact that makes this a valid phenomenon. If someone comes along with hard evidence that explains all Orb instances, then we are all rid of another misunderstanding..
One thing we have to remember in this age of miniature cellphone cameras is that orbs where first noticed on video .. Then the jump to digital photography came, and everyone had an orb to show. The film and video orbs are moving, seemingly intent objects, that resemble nothing familiar to us. Mostly captured on film in the past, now they can be captured on Infra-red assisted Night Vision cameras, and yes, they remain unexplained.
Youtube is full of videos, but here is a nice one, involving orbs and a Cat. The video could be fake, but everyone who has lived with a cat knows that they sometimes see what the rest of us can't, staring at a point where there is nothing to be seen, and sometimes playing with it as if it where a material thing. Cats are closer to the unseen than the rest of us, but that's for another post. Video Below

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