Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Russian PM jokes (?) about aliens

Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev has made news, when, during an interview, failed to notice the cameras where still rolling. Among the many “off the record” comments he made, he made one about aliens having visited the Earth. He also stated that the Russian leader is handed two envelopes when he comes into office, one with the nuclear launch codes, and another about the aliens..

Now, although the footage was transmitted through news agencies, it has not been made available to the public. All we have is some reports from people who heard it, so we have no way of knowing if he was joking. Most of the comments he makes seem to be on the funny side, but also based on truth, so it is hard to pass judgment on something that you cannot actually get your hands on.

Nonetheless, it is interesting. Combined with the worldwide UFO wave, even more interesting. Combined with the end of the world craze, it peaks. Add some of the widespread craziness going around and you might have something. Or nothing.


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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Alien Radio: a (tentative) connection

I came across this very interesting post, detailing some UFO and Alien cases involving radio, in one form or another. At first it seems just scattered cases, but at some point it starts to make some sense (if sense can describe concepts that are not only proven but near unimaginable)..  Here are some highlights:

In 1984, a ham radio operator of by the name of Octavio Ortiz, a married resident of Santiago de Chile and proud owner of a 27 megacycle CB base station with which he talks to DXers all over the world, became the protagonist of a drama that unfolds to this very day. That year, Ortiz received a distress call from a vessel that claimed to be ensnared by a mysterious light that was playing havoc with the ship's electronics. The light--an unknown craft--descended even lower over the vessel. Bewildered, Ortiz offered to retransmit messages to the authorities of the port of Iquique on behalf of the ship's master.
As a result of this, Ortiz struck up a friendship with the ship's master, a man named Alberto, who told him that he had been recruited by mysterious "gringos" to ferry equipment and supplies to one of the myriad islands in the Chonos Archipelago. These elusive northerners described themselves as a "congregation" and dubbed themselves and their island "Friendship".
Octavio Ortiz would eventually have the chance to speak directly over his ham radio with one "Ariel", one of the strange members of the Friendship. In an interview with Spanish journalist and broadcaster Josep Guijarro, Ortiz explained that whenever "Ariel" speaks to him over the ham radio, the needles on his equipment jump, indicating that a transmitter of enormous power is being employed. Nor is Ortiz the only one to speak with this entity: his wife Cristina boldly asked "Ariel" where he and his group came from. The voice replied that they were "not of this world, but belonged to Humankind."

Time travellers? Parallel Worlds? More:

the Chilean Navy appears to have been aware for many years of the radio interference and problems caused by the strange objects operating in the vicinity of the Chonos islands. Josep Guijarro received a letter from a man who served five years in at a naval radio station in Puerto Montt, stating: "We were sick of these devils, who often jammed our communications with immensely powerful high-tech distorting equipment, which on occasions even produced invisible barriers surrounding all of the Taitao Peninsula and left all boats, including the Navy, bereft of communications."

And then read this:

In the Winter 1997 issue of the defunct SAMIZDAT newsletter, Argentinean researcher Guillermo Aldunati voiced his concern that alleged UFO abductions appeared to be more prevalent in areas with "high levels of ELF radiation and FM radio waves", noting that the Argentinean city of Rosario boasted an inordinate number of FM stations. " Why do these cases occur where radio station antennae form a perfect triangle? Coincidence? Happenstance?" asks a bewildered Aldunati.
His article goes on to mention a young woman identified by the pseudonym of "Alicia", who at the time of the event was a passenger aboard a bus along Route 131. She was comfortably seated, Aldunati reports, and listening an FM station on her Walkman©. At around 9:30 p.m., "the station's musical programming changed suddenly: rather than soft instrumental music, a sort of choral music performed in a foreign language made itself heard. Alicia tried hanging stations, but found that she was unable to do so. Her fingers were paralyzed, as well as the rest of her body, given that at that time a light or white fog enveloped her body. Her surroundings --everything she had seen before on the bus--vanished altogether."
Despite this utter transmogrification of reality, Alicia could still feel herself seated on the bus seat even as the eerie music conveyed her to a glowing point in space which slowly turned into a spacecraft. "Within the vessel," continues Aldunati, "Alicia reportedly saw a large-headed, dwarfish creature who took her hands and began touching certain points of her body. The eyewitness' drawing shows a being which corresponds to the classic, large-headed Greys.The creature softly felt her abdomen. Alicia feels that this exam has a meaning she still cannot fathom. Shortly after, still enveloped in the strange fog and listening to the same music, feels herself transported back to the bus and can make out other shapes aboard, such as the driver and other passengers, as the fog dissipated. Looking out the window, Alicia realized the bus had gone two blocks beyond her own stop, forcing her to get off at the next stop and beat a retreat home."
The experience did not end there: we are told that Alicia was able to have one of her parents listen to the bizarre music pouring from the personal stereo and subsequently from the home stereo, when an effort was made to tune in the station. The music, according to the experiencer, was accompanied by an unpleasant noise. Normal programming was eventual restored, but Alicia appears to have suffered a series of nightmares involving the non-human beings from her experience.

(Bold type by me) So where does that leave us? Did the music trigger the experience? Or is it the opposite? Or did she have a small stroke? Do aliens use FM to travel, to communicate, or is it all part of something much bigger we cannot understand, kind of a Unified Theory of Everything? 

I lean towards the latter.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mirage Men

This upcoming documentary seems interesting, and not mainly because it's about UFOs, but because it tackles the disinformation and misdirection associated with the whole UFO phenomenon. Admittedly, it has a strong debunking feel to it, and it has already begun getting heat from all over the place, just from the trailer! I guess we'll have to wait and see for ourselves..

Friday, October 12, 2012

Small Plastic on Mars to be determined


The ChemCam on the Curiosity Rover on Mars, picked up this very small object, appearing to be plastic, on the Martian soil…. And:

The rover team's assessment is that the bright object is something from the rover, not Martian material. It appears to be a shred of plastic material, likely benign, but it has not been definitively identified….

…A sample of sand and dust scooped up on Sol 61 remains in the scoop. Plans to transfer it from the scoop into other chambers of the sample-processing device were postponed as a precaution during planning for Sol 62 after the small, bright object was detected in an image from the Mast Camera (Mastcam).

Precaution against what? Hmmmmm…..
It could very well be something from the rover, but consider the alternative: If Mars was ever visited by alien races, their traces would be right there, preserved in the untouched Martian terrain. Now all we need to do is get up there and see for ourselves.

Nasa Story

Friday, October 5, 2012

Pillars of light and Orange UFOs

The above video is three photos allegedly taken after a severe storm in Japan (location unknown) showing giant pillars of white light reaching to the sky.
Not much is known and most people where quick to proclaim hoax.
I cannot be sure even if it looks like a poor Photoshop job, because in this day and age, who does photo hoaxes any more?
And, in response to my own rationale, why (in this day and age again) has no one posted a video of the same incidents?  We’ll see..

And in the above video, a new (?) kind of UFO, Hexagon-shaped and orange, seems to be making the rounds around the globe.

Seriously, there’s so much UFO activity posted every day on YouTube that it’s just not worth it posting every single one! Did anyone say UFO flap? We haven’t heard that in ages. But that’s a topic for another post.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Easter Island Heads have bodies!

Inside the Easter Island statues: Experts have known about the bodies before, but when these images started circulating readers doubted their authentricity

Somehow this is a disappointment. I cannot explain but giant heads are way cooler than giant statues, aren’t they?
And the weird part is that it is discovered in the year 2012, centuries after the Island is found.. So much for modern science…
I wonder if the machinery under the belly of the Sphinx will be discovered in my lifetime.


Friday, July 20, 2012

Mystery object in the Baltic finally seen

Exactly one year ago, I had posted about this round object found by sonar outside Sweden in the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

Now we have pictures and a video from a research team:
The bad news is that it is definitely not a UFO. The good news is that it appears man-made, a kind of circular structure built with rounded limestone.

Samples where taken and I imagine sometime in the near future we’ll know more.
In the meantime check out the video below.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Overtoun Bridge - Suicide spot for dogs

In this bizarre follow-up to the Human Suicide Spot, Aokigahara Forest, Japan, I must now share the only animal suicide spot I have ever come across: Overtoun Bridge, Scotland.

This quaint old bridge is, apparently, the spot where, since the 1950's, numerous dogs have plunged to their deaths, more than 600, at a rate of one a month (!)..  To make things stranger, although most of the dogs died from the 15 meter fall, those that survived climbed back up and jumped again! I imagine they all succeeded the second time around, so no reports of third tries...
Attempts have been made to explain the phenomenon, attributing it to smells dogs cannot resist, noises or a general lack of visibility from a dog's height, but none of it makes much sense.
No paranormal theories, no conspiracy, no alien sightings, no haunted castle here. This is indeed a weird one.
I just have to quote a misquoted Ian Fleming: "Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action and over 600 is clearly the work of an ancient Sumerian demon or some shit."

Monday, May 14, 2012

UFO sightings collection for April, 2012

Best UFO Sightings Of April 2012, AFO

A nice video collection from around the world, showcasing all kinds of strangeness, reminding us that there is more to learn about everything. Way more..

Friday, May 4, 2012

Black-Eyed Kids and Arthur Machen

Black-Eyed Kids or BEK, first reported in 1998, are an urban legend kind of myth, one that has quietly and steadily gained momentum in forums, blogs and all kinds of internet hangouts.

What are BEK you ask? Well, in true campfire horror story, they appear at night, and knock on your door, or car window, demanding that you let them in, to use a phone or get a ride or whatever. They get frustrated when they are not let in, and insist that they be let in. Witnesses describe an eerie feeling emanating from the kids, helped of course by their huge, completely black eyes.

So that’s it. A full report here, some ideas here, and an account here.

It is archetypal, and sounds a lot like trolling, but, what if it isn’t?
And from that assumption, let’s move on to an interesting question: all reports come from people who did not let the BEK in, although they felt a strong urge to do so.
There are no reports from people who actually let the kids in. I for one could not find any.
So, hasn’t anyone let them in? And, if they did, what happened to them?
Maybe nothing happened, or maybe SOMETHING happened. But what?
I am afraid we just don’t have enough info.

All this reminds me of a short story by Arthur Machen called The Children of the Pool. The reason I remember it is that it has been etched on my mind ever since I read it, some twenty years ago. The story is eerily simple and akin to the BEK story: A Welsh myth of teenage children, the Plant y pwll, or Children of the Pool, hang around a waterhole with bad vibes, and are offensive to passers by, know intimate details about their life, and later appear at their home demanding to be heard.

The similarities are not many, the story does not report anything about black eyes, and it could be all fiction, but somehow I doubt it. Machen wrote about the paranormal as if he had witnessed it, and all his stories ring true, to my ears at least. He has written another story in which he uses the “weird children” theme but I cannot recall the title.
All I am trying to say, maybe this BEK thing is not as new as everyone thinks.
What if they are here, and have been here for a long time? Would we notice?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Buried Spacecraft in Austria (maybe)


In this story an Austrian man went looking for his cat and found a perfectly round hole in a field. The hole has something metallic in it’s bottom, several meters down as evidenced by the sound the rocks he threw made.

He seems to have also lowered a magnet, and, snap!

Next came the flocks of UFO freaks and weirdos and then, of course, the debunking. This report says that

“.. the mystery has finally been solved by a local historian who discovered that 50 years ago a company had drilled a hole in the field while looking for oil - and that the massive drill bit had snapped off at the end leaving a chunk of metal in the ground.”


Is it me or is this attempt at explaining this hole total crap?

Here’s what a commenter, Ellen, had to say:

“Fifty years, and miraculously, the hole has not undergone erosion -- and the 'drill bit' has not been obscured by dirt, dust, mud...? The drill bit explanation is patently absurd. Within six months, a typical bore will have succumbed to mild erosive forces and begun to close... There is always a 'local historian' waiting in the wings, isn't there?”

I couldn’t have said it better myself…

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mel’s Hole makes the news

melI had posted about Mel’s Hole, the famous never-seen-but-heard-of bottomless pit, and I admit I was a bit skeptical. You know, strange radio caller, tells a far-fetched story that cannot be corroborated.. Well nothing has changed, other than the fact that we can now put a face on the strange caller.
A mini news piece recounts the story of Mel’s Hole and nothing more. Interesting nonetheless!
Video Story with Transcript

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This is the Year the World will end–in Stereo!

As we make our way into the year the Mayans and various others believed/hoped the world will end, the first hint of High Strangeness appears in News outlets worldwide. What had been an isolated phenomenon (see Taos Hum) is now escalating into a full-blown manifestation. I don’t know if it is the phenomenon that’s escalating, or the number of people who take the trouble to shoot and post online, but it doesn’t make that much of a difference either way. 
Combined with the recent UFO flap, it makes for interesting speculation…