Friday, July 4, 2008

Tunguska Incident is 100 years old.

Yes, it's been a 100 years since the famous Tunguska incident. And although the scientific community (the mainstream, that is) maintains that the only plausible cause for the event must have been a meteorite 40 meters across, over the years numerous researchers proposed various alternatives, the most popular being the alien craft explosion theory, the mini black hole theory, and last but not least the Nikola Tesla Death Ray theory.
Coincidence that Tesla was working at his Death Ray at the time, and destroyed all his notes immediately after the Tunguska incident? Maybe it is...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Ancient Underground Structure in Slovakia - Lost forever?

“I froze in amazement - there stands something like a large, black silo framed in white limestone formations. It is a glass-smooth flank of a seemingly man-made structure. Even the thought of a tower-sized artifact embedded in rock in the middle of an obscure mountain is bewildering.” - Antonin T. Horak (Diary Entry), October 23, 1944

I came across this research page, referring to a vast underground structure a Partisan fighter used for hiding during WWII in the Tatra Mountains area in Slovakia.
Allen Hynek was involved until his death, and Ted Phillips took over for an expedition in 1999, of which the report on the web page is unfinished..
Now, I'm a sucker for caves and underground cities and secret hideouts and ancient alien artifacts. And I blame Indiana Jones for that. Never mind..
But this story had something genuine about it, distinguishing it from crappy internet mysteries and comic-inspired stories.
The story is well highlighted, with plenty of historical records, and the only room for doubt is whether the old man misinterpreted a normal cave for something artificial with strange properties. His report mentions polished walls, shafts, strange substances on them, and even a warm wall with a humming like a turbine (!) heard behind it.
What impressed me the most was his report of stalactites and stalagmites in all the passages, blocking his way and scratching him. He had to break off some big chunks to pass. Now, a carstic structure like a stalactite grows about a centimeter each century. You can tell where I am going with this. He also discovered some bear bones in there, where no bear could fit...
It all sounds very familiar, resembling closely the Pendeli Cave story I have followed closely for decades, down to the artificial tunnels from thousands of years ago and the strange feeling of awe.. I hope the Tatra Mountains cave does not have the fate of the cave of Pendeli, with the military and bizarre fractions of the NATO destroying everything in sight, while conducting weird and useless structures..
I will have to write to the people on the web page, to find out if there is an end to the story...

UPDATE: I contacted Ted Phillips and he informed me that a dedicated website, , will be up later this month, to accompany a new expedition to the Tatra Mountains in September and to offer info and video.