Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Mystery of the Elongated Skulls

The Net is abuzz with the Elongated Skulls mystery, a case almost ten years old, ever since they where discovered in the Siberian city of Omsk during archaeological excavations in burial mounds.

And the story is even older than that, ever since the same kind of deformity was observed by researchers during the 90’s on skulls found in Peru.

In a 1995 photograph by Robert Connoly the skull is compared to a normal human skull. Also, anthropological findings on this skull suggest human as well as Neanderthal characteristics, labeling in an impossibility, since Neanderthals did not inhabit South America.


That fact alone makes a strong case against mainstream archaeology claims that the skulls where the result of a ceremonial head-binding since infancy. Furthermore, some African tribes (Mangbetu, Zande) practice head-binding with very different results.

And, now, to the Ancient Connection: Besides Peru, Mexico and Russia, the elongated skulls where first observed in depictions of members of the eighteenth Royal dynasty of Egypt (Nefertiti, Akhenaton and Tut being some of it’s most renowned members).
At first archaeologists believed the elongated skull to be an artists depiction of divinity traits, but that soon proved to be otherwise when the mummies where examined.


The elongated skull proved to be a genetic trait shared among members of the dynasty called dolichocephalic head. Deformity or disease was ruled out since the trait was passed to family members by genetic inheritance.

So, where did the dolichocephalic head originate from, appearing in South America, Iraq, Malta, Russia and other parts of the world over the previous century?
Are they the inheritance of the Mittani Kingdom?

Could it be the last remnants of a lost ancient race? Did the giants of mythology really did mate with the daughters of men?

Did the Nephilim really walk among humans until recently? Or did they never really went away?

I suspect our past walks with us constantly, and continues to haunt us until we are forced to make sense of it.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I really like when people are expressing their opinion and thought. So I like the way you are writing

Illuminatus said...

Thank you, Anonymous, for your kind words! You guys keep me going...

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Not bad article, but I really miss that you didn't express your opinion, but ok you just have different approach

Anonymous said...

Indeed, the past does still walk with us: DNA has proven Europeans and Asians still have 5% Neandertal DNA: Africans possess none.

Indeed, it seems very likely that Nefertiti's elongated skull (we are speculating here, her remains have NOT been DNA-identified, nor any remains of her convincingly proven to exist) demonstrated her Mittani ethnicity.

Check this out: "Mycenae, "Tomb of Clytmenestra"...see that pyramid over the entrance??? Clytmenestra was "Helen of Troy"'s sister. Aga Memnon's wife. In this tomb, we find two Egyptian cartouches: Amenhotep III (Solomon) and his wife TiYa's cartouche.

Got that?? So, now we have this curious conundrum: Amenhotep III's is Nefertiti's father-in-law.

Someone want to explain to me how Nefertiti and Helen of Troy both KNEW each other, these "most beautiful women in the world" KNEW EACH OTHER???

Get's better: The king of Tyre, Solomon's temple building buddy "Hiram Abif?" Well, Amenhotep III also had a temple-building buddy: Horemheb, king of Tyre and later pharaoh for 27 years, the last one of the 18th dynasty...was Nefertiti's sister.

And...that king Nefertiti wrote to asking for a prince to marry? His son got murdered...the king went nuts and came to this region and laid cities to waste: the bible calls him "Joshua." His troops and allies called themselves "Ya" worshipers.....Apiru too.

I call him Ya's SHIVA, the DESTROYER of CITIES. Ya Shua.

Almost finished: the Mittani king that writes the widow of Solomon ( The Sun of Ameun..Sol-Amun=Amen-Hotep III), tells her to remind her son (Akhenaton) to do what his father wished him to do. Only, he calls Akhenaton "Nabudurrri-eser"....which is Babylonian for NEBUCHADREZZER.

Got it? Over in Mycenae, he was called Aga Momnon (Which is why the "Colossi of Memnon" is in Egypt...behind Solomon/Amenhotep III's temple at Luxor.

Ya dig???


Illuminatus said...

Wow lots of info! I'll have to look into all that. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Actually, the more age a civilization the more it reflects ongoing power struggles. In order to discover the most basic information only the oldest, hence the formative years of a culture become relevant. After god worship appears historically correct information disappears.

What is very interesting is the elongated skulls that show in the ancient Egyptians. It would be incorrect to assume this is a style or imitation. The genuine mutation may have been associated with high IQ hence power and then imitated. I believe that Ankhanatan (Tut's father) the originator of single god-worship, in his case the sun, was also the inspiration for the Solfoggio chants as the Hymn to Atun was the base for these.

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I find this fascinating and have written a book about it which although fictional contains fact sheets chronicling the history of this dolichocephalic elite.

Seeding by Maurice Haywood available on amazon kindle.

yop said...

when the nazis foundthatkindof headin olmeque and taultek civilisation they washappyfoundnew race or ufo
it just a technique they use n baby they put headbeteen two wood stuff and with time u head become
like that it was for beauty
it funny to see 70 years after german research to see people are matbee less modern in head

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it could be that the dolichocephalic skull was a trait shared by many or most races before 10,000 bce. this was true of atlanteans. after atlantis sank their sages went to emerging cultures, where they became priests or rulers. their skulls are often found in this connection.