Friday, January 14, 2011

Heinlein knew (they walk among us..)

I always new Robert Heinlein to be a free spirit and a great thinker (and an amazing writer, of course), but it has now come to my attention that his interests lied in more than fiction.
According to this post, syndicated all over the blogosphere, he states that “alien life has been here since the beginning of man’s existence on Earth”. That’s not all:
“Because Heinlein was so well respected, the U.S. House and Senate asked him to appear before a special “Joint Committee” investigating both UFO sightings and the author’s theory that aliens were living among Earthlings and doing both good and bad things for mankind.
However, just prior to this special session of Congress to hear what’s what from the world’s leading authority on extraterrestrial life, Heinlein was suddenly stricken in his sleep from reported “emphysema and heart failure.”
Now, I could have sworn that the same thing happened to Mac Tonnies, immediately prior to publishing his book The Cryptoterrestrials.
Wait, it did happen.
Mac Tonnies died in his sleep form “natural causes”. He was 34, so I cannot guess what the “natural causes” might be, but makes you wonder, especially if you are conspiratorial in nature, like me.
And take a look at this story, which describes how Ken Kesey lived close to a “gang of aliens” at Bray’s Point, Oregon. An interesting read.
Despite the best efforts of anyone with an interest in keeping the truth hidden, I have a strong feeling that this will be an age of revelations.
The truth starts appearing in little snippets all over the world.
It’s just that sometimes it’s just too hard to distinguish it among all the garbage.

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