Monday, November 29, 2010

The Curse of the Crying Boy (painting)


This post reminded me of a story I heard about many years ago, and then forgotten: The story of the Crying Boy Paintings..
According to the Urban Legend, partially created by Tabloids in the UK, homes which had the painting, burned to the ground, the fire leaving only the crying boy painting unharmed. The story gets more complicated as there seem to be a lot of paintings (28, see below) depicting crying boys, all of which are associated with fires.

The whole story can be found at the Fortean Times, where it is mentioned that the painter responsible for the paintings is one Giovanni Bragolin, and that “feelings of terror and illness are always associated with his paintings.”

Now, all talk of curses aside, the whole concept behind this story (at least my take on it) is very interesting: That a geometric configuration, even in a two-dimensional depiction (like a painting) can directly affect the environment and, probably, natural laws.

It has been an ancient law of Magic that designs (see Magic or Invocation Circles) can produce effects, invoke entities and generally  wreak inter-dimensional havoc.


A modern version of this (yes, there is Modern Magic and it is called Magick) is the Sigil.
A Sigil is a magical symbol that represents a force, and is used to invoke that force.

But, if a geometric design or a painting can open a portal to outer forces, can this happen by accident? Can I draw a few lines or a landscape, where some unintended formations perform an action? Is it accidental at all? Can a drawing start a fire or propel a UFO?

Besides the psychological effect, do all paintings have some sort of magical action attached to them unintentionally? Magick of course being the name of a science so far advanced it appears to be as magic.

Remember the Caret Designs? I cannot seem to get them out of my head. There is a connection to be found there. To UFOs, propulsion, art, magic, everything.

The only thing we are missing is a place to start.
Opinions welcome, as always.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Nibiru behind the black

5h 53m 27s,-6 10' 58

This image is from Google Sky, at coordinates 5h 53m 27s,-6 10' 58.
As you can see there is a black rectangle there, covering whatever is underneath.
So what is underneath? Well, it could be very well be the location of the legendary Nibiru, Planet X, the home of the Nephilim, the Destroyer, Bolon Yokte or the final destination of Zecharia Sitchin’s Stairway to Heaven.
Debate is going strong as to what this entails, and if it could be a hoax, a software error as was “disclosed” or something a lot more sinister.
Pointing towards that last option is the video below, hinting at a larger conspiracy..

It describes a “rather elegant disinformation campaign” conducted over a long period of time with these goals:

  • Discredit Previous Disclosures
  • Mitigate Future Disclosures
  • Exhaust Public Interest

Now this kind of campaign sounds very familiar, having been used extensively over the years on the matter of Ufos and contactees, through intimidation and ridicule. You see, they, whoever they are, may not know much about the given subject, but they do their best so we won’t know.
I think the biggest fear of any Intelligence officer, Elect Official or other person of authority is this scenario:
After the Disclosure, people start asking “What does this all mean?”
And he has no idea what to answer, or what it all means for that matter…

That ignorance is enough to spawn the biggest conspiracies, and the greatest crimes. That gives a new meaning to “the need to know basis”…
Know what? Practically nothing..

The black square cannot cover ignorance.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cumberland Spaceman follow-up


After this sad little expose I covered some days ago, it seems that some stories don’t lie down and die that easily. While most of the other cases where easily proven to be hoaxes, the Cumberland Spaceman photo still stirs a lot of debate..

The article caused quite a stir, in turn causing a lot of new correlations. Like this one:

“The continuing dialogue between "commentors" here about the Solway Firth (Cumberland) “spaceman” confirms, for us, that the photo and incident should not be dismissed out-of-hand.
The reason not to dismiss stems from the more-than-tangential information that a missile test (Blue Streak Missile) in Australia (Woomera) in the same time-frame as the photo-taking by Mr. Templeton – Australia’s time zone considerably different than that of the Solway Firth (U.K.) time zone – had a bizarre incident: two “men” in white seen in the missile range, halting the test, allegedly.
The Blue Streak missile was also worked on and tested in the Solway Firth area.”

Apparently white-clothed figures where seen once before in this area during a missile test, and then disappeared without a trace..
Now that’s a strong indication that something WAS indeed happening there. It’s not the definitive proof, but I’ve learned over the years that Strange Things generally don’t happen just once.
The Paranormal acts like a localized force, manifesting regularly over a given area, and then sometimes ceases to exist. If it does not, it is declared Haunted, or a UFO hotspot, or a No Man’s Land.
So this collateral appearance seems to indicate that indeed something was up in Cumbria in 1964..
Video of Mr Templeton talking about the photo below.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Mystery Object launch in the News (and solved)

(UPDATE): A very convincing explanation was posted here, so an impending nuclear holocaust is one less thing to worry about, at least for now..)

In case you missed it, a mysterious rocket trail was captured by a helicopter news crew last Monday, west of Los Angeles.
The fun starts when the military denies launching anything at the area, and:
The Federal Aviation Administration, the Coast Guard, Navy, Air Force, and California Reps. Dana Rohrabacher and Jane Harman -- whose coastal districts are closest to the offshore contrails -- were at a loss to explain the images.
"The FAA ran radar replays of a large area west of Los Angeles based on media reports of the possible missile launch at approximately 5 p.m. (PT) on Monday. The radar replays did not reveal any fast moving, unidentified targets in that area," said FAA spokesman Ian Gregor. "The FAA did not receive reports ... of unusual sightings from pilots who were flying in the area on Monday afternoon.
This cause quite a stir in news rooms around the world. Also an “expert” declared that it can be an optical illusion created by an oncoming plane.. I can’t seem to be able to embed the video for Youtube, but it should be fairly easy for you to find it here.
Full Story here (and all over Google)
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

These guys are real..


The words above belong to Dr. Story Musgrave, Astronaut and Payload Specialist on the Columbia Space Shuttle. After retiring from NASA he has become something of a spokesperson for full disclosure in the matter of UFOs and, well, aliens..
During the STS-80 mission of the Columbia,
“…a disc-shaped object much larger than the orbiting American spacecraft suddenly appeared beneath the shuttle. At the time the Columbia was maintaining an altitude 190 nautical miles above Earth…. After the shuttle returned to Earth, Musgrave was debriefed about the unworldly encounter. According to the report, the scientist reviewed a video recording of the encounter between Columbia and the UFO as the orbiter flew above Denver, Colorado. The disc-shaped object suddenly appeared, seemed to be intelligently controlled, changed its flight vector and -- most unnerving of all -- seemed to track the Columbia and her crew through space.”

In this article it is said that:


Recently former USAF officers revealed at a press conference in Washington, DC that UFOs are real and cited several incidents at two air force bases where UFOs "took control" of nuclear missiles and changed their launch codes.

I am not sure if this is true, but it is unnerving, and, furthermore, it hints at what has been proposed many times before: That various Governments do have evidence of “alien” existence, but no idea whatsoever what to make of it.  
Full Disclosure you say? Disclose what? Things that cannot be described and do not make sense in any frame of reference? From alien Pancakes to Shamballa, the hidden mostly stays hidden because it is easier than trying to make sense of it.

It seems to me that if we change our thought patterns from static to dynamic, we’ll start to see the truth behind everything, and, who knows, even one day the Paranormal will start to appear as Normal. Not an easy task..

Some thoughts on the matter: Web of Deception 2.0


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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Classic Hoaxes (how sad..)


It is a sad day when things you grew up believing turn out to be.. well.. not true.
These photos where all a part of the first ever UFO book I read, Brinsley Le Poer Trench’s UFO’s. I was 11 at the time, and as you would expect it opened a whole new world for me. And the photos imprinted themselves in my brain, becoming something familiar and true.
Well, not any more. Crap.
Not all the reasoning behind the debunking is sound, but when someone confesses to a hoax freely, well that’s that..
This is the second time this happens, the first being the Exile of the Sun Gods fiasco.
Nothing better than a little disillusionment to keep you honest.

Read this for all the gory details.

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Time Traveler Memes Continued


Continuing from my previous post about an alleged time-traveler, comes the photo above, which as you can see claims that a 1918 paper published the photo of a time traveler, complete with cell phone. I don’t know what to make of it, besides the obvious: a time traveler carrying a brick phone from the 90’s? Maybe, but then we enter a worldview where anything can happen, and huge, dark secrets are very well kept by, well, everyone.
Now that I wrote that, it doesn’t sound all that different from my worldview. Or yours for that matter, proof being that you are reading this blog right now.

imageThis cool post has more examples of time traveler images, some plausible, others downright hilarious, such as this photo of Apollo taking a photo with his mobile. Cool, right?

Others are not so easily dismissed, as the film of a Charlie Chaplin premiere back in 1928, where a woman seems to be talking to a cell phone as she passes in front of the camera. There seems to be a ghost-like quality to the woman, which could point either to contemporary visual effects, or.. ? What?  I am not sure how to finish that sentence. 
I can pretend to be a scholar of the Paranormal, but the truth is you cannot be a scholar in something you cannot even grasp at it’s most basic elements. If the woman is true she must be a time traveler. Oh wait. She could be an alien. Or a cryptoterrestrial. Or a time-shift image. Or a demon. Or the tooth fairy.
(By the way if she time traveled with a cell phone, she would have to bring cell phone towers with her to have a signal, and then she could talk to.. no-one I guess.)

Truth is, we’ll probably never know the truth, but we can certainly start paying more attention to the world around us. And by that I mean the real world, and not the blogosphere.

Even if we had time travelers among us, would we notice?