Monday, January 24, 2011

Floating Buildings and Aliens in the street


The High Strangeness of these days keeps throwing things at the casual researcher, determined either to scare him off or to entice him even more.
The article that caught my eye was written by Chris Holly over at, and refers to sightings of floating buildings (!).
Not only building-sized UFOs, but ACTUAL BUILDINGS too! Read this report:

The  man's mother was driving along the highway she traveled frequently very late at night . It was a very dark night. As she drove she noticed just to the side of the road some lights that looked like the lit windows of a tall building.

She knew there weren't any buildings  anywhere near where she was driving. In fact the only place near where a building like the  one she was  looking at was located was a good 50 miles away .

The woman drove past the building amazed at the fact it was standing in the middle of nowhere.  After she drove past it she pulled over as her curiosity got the better of her to get a  look at this strange sight. She got out of her car to get a better look at this misplaced building.

The woman told her son that the building was the size of a 7 or 8 story building. She told him the windows were rectangle in shape and well lit from the inside. There was no sound at all coming from the building. As the woman stood looking at the huge structure of windows she realized she could almost make out the interior of the building . She also realized she could not make out the definite lines of the exterior of the building or see the base where it was attached to the earth.

As the woman stood next to her car she realized the structure seemed to simply be floating next to the road. This startled and upset the woman.  She jumped back in to her car and drove away. She looked back numerous times in her rear view mirror to find she could not see the building , the windows or the lights anywhere behind her.

There are more reports of buildings silently hovering in remote areas from all over the world..
They, whoever they are, seem to be relocating, and not only their bodies, but their homes as well ! Hey, it may not be that long till they bring their pets too.
Or cafeterias and Bars.
And there must be those that do not own a home and are cruising suburbia to find homes for sale:

The video is probably a hoax, but it fit my trail of thought nicely…

The way things are going, maybe, not long from now, the neighborhoods of Earth will be far more multi-ethnic than anyone predicted.
Hell, maybe they already are:


Surreality said...

Floating buildings!
My, you seem to have hit a high-strangeness mother load, indeed...

Illuminatus said...

And more keeps coming! High Strangeness is my favorite topic.