Thursday, July 29, 2010

Caret UFO files design #1 – t-shirt

p120 see you soon

Now for some shameless self-promotion! A new t-shirt design I made based on the Caret Files, and the beautiful designs that accompanied the alleged report. Since no one claimed copyright they must be public domain, right?
I like the subtle threat as well as the “We are Everywhere” motto, which through a rather strange twist links back to the Illuminati, but that is for a future post… The See you Soon part refers to the imminent disclosure..

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sinkhole follow-up : Cthulhu is not in

This follow-up is related to my previous article on the Guatemalan sinkhole which almost devoured a city block a month ago.  Just to show that I have no problem with rational, clear-headed explanations which do not involve giant tentacled monstrosities, here’s an update.

It seems the waters from the sewage system augmented by the tropical storm Agatha eroded the loose soil where there used to be an old well, leading to collapse. It does not lead to Shamballa, Rlye’h, or anywhere else as it is only 30 meters deep..

An for some visual proof, here’s a set of pictures from the geologists who explored it..

Well, that was it. Another chance of mystery down the drain (or the sewer). But the best ones are right in front of our eyes, right?

Hat tip to forgetomori

Monday, July 26, 2010

Behold a Pale Horse: Hoax in the Internet Age

The Internet appears to be the perfect medium for anyone wanting to create a splash in the paranormal field, make money or have a few laughs the old fashion way: Hoax!
In the old days (pre-internet) you had to write a book or an article, get published and manage to create a buzz, a process which took months at best, and then it  took someone else whole years to debunk, if ever.
Now this can happen in a matter of days.

The case reported in length by forgetomori is the case of a UFO over Hanghzou, China disrupting flights and generally being seen.


As the author states, the image is clearly a long exposure of an airplane, seen many times before. It didn’t take long for others to start posting similar images, allegedly from the same incident, and even videos, all fake, all crap.

The sad part is just that: Anyone with a minimal knowledge of a given subject and a basic knowledge of the Internet can muddy the waters, create a stir, point to all the wrong directions and generally fuck up a potential investigation, devaluating evidence and witnesses and making the whole thing look ridiculous.
Any pimple-faced teen can do that, just for the stir, the limited fame, the rants, the flames..

Or not?

You know where I am going with this. If there was a debunking section of any Government, that is what they would do. It used to take them time and effort and lots of actors. Now they just need some guys over computers. Or maybe not. They can just rely on the random idiot who will think it’s a good idea to post an image of a night light in his bedroom and label it as a UFO. There are lots of those out there. 
If you are the Guy Who Wants It Kept Secret, you can just wait. Truckloads of morons will do your work for you. When they are finished, anyone seriously searching for evidence will not know which way is up.. Unless of course you start to see a pattern.

Ah, the price we pay for the Freedom that is the Internet. 

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Spontaneous Human Invisibility


I read about this a long time ago, where some book I cannot remember mentioned that if you get lost in your thoughts and yourself deeply enough, you become invisible to others. Kind of like a cloak.

Now this article reminded me of this.
I started wondering: If this thing occurs, shouldn’t it have been caught on tape? A quick search on Youtube and similar sites gave nothing, save a few obvious hoaxes.. Not that it means anything if you cannot find it on the Internet.. And then, if it happened, would a camera pick it up or does the invisibility cloak only apply to human observers? That would seem to be the most probable case, since we only see what we want to see, through the filter of our almighty ruler, our brain.
Another mystery of the Soul, the Universe and everything in between.

And here’s a comprehensive guide to achieve invisibility.

(note to self: if you ever feel invisible to others, slap someone hard. That will probably make you very visible very fast..)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Plato’s Code cracked?


Dr Jay Kennedy, Science Historian at the University of Manchester published his findings on the US journal Apeiron, after studying Plato’s writings for more than five years.
He concludes that Plato used a mathematical/musical formula in his famous text the Republic where:

he placed clusters of words related to music after each twelfth of the text – at one-twelfth, two-twelfths, etc. This regular pattern represented the twelve notes of a Greek musical scale. Some notes were harmonic, others dissonant. At the locations of the harmonic notes he described sounds associated with love or laughter, while the locations of dissonant notes were marked with screeching sounds or war or death. This musical code was key to cracking Plato’s entire symbolic system.

Dr Kennedy, a researcher in the Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine, says: “As we read his books, our emotions follow the ups and downs of a musical scale. Plato plays his readers like musical instruments….

Over the years Dr Kennedy carefully peeled back layer after symbolic layer, sharing each step in lectures in Manchester and with experts in the UK and US.

He recalls: “There was no Rosetta Stone. To announce a result like this I needed rigorous, independent proofs based on crystal-clear evidence.

“The result was amazing – it was like opening a tomb and finding new set of gospels written by Jesus Christ himself.

“Plato is smiling. He sent us a time capsule.”

Dr Kennedy’s findings are not only surprising and important; they overthrow conventional wisdom on Plato. Modern historians have always denied that there were codes; now Dr Kennedy has proved otherwise.

He adds: “This is the beginning of something big. It will take a generation to work out the implications. All 2,000 pages contain undetected symbols.”

Now that is interesting, but the part about the implications is the most intriguing. I mean, he did not really crack the code. He just proved that Plato’s writings have extra layers, but what those layers are meant to convey, is still a mystery as the scientist admits, the music thing being no more than a fiction writer’s gimmick to grab a hold of his audience.
I think Dr Kennedy will have his hands full trying to figure out hidden meanings and codes in the writings of the man who studied with Egyptian Priests, visited the Library of Alexandria, and first mentioned the existence of Atlantis…

Original Story Here.