Friday, September 23, 2011

Temple Mount UFO a film exercise?

In an anticipated turn of events, and after some fine journalistic research, an Israeli reporter managed to uncover some evidence that the Temple Mount UFO footage could be fake. Read the full sordid story here.

Although nothing conclusive is being mentioned, and no confession is on record, it casts a major shadow on the most High Profile UFO case of recent years.

The truth is yet to be uncovered..

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Comet Elenin in Doomsday scenarios


I was somewhat oblivious of the fact that many many people believe that the Comet Elenin, passing now through our Solar System is in fact Nibiru, Blue Kachina, a spaceship and also responsible for all recent earthquakes, including the Big One in Japan. Not in an alphabetical order.

Starting with the obvious flaw of the theory, the flaw being it’s proponent, Richard Hoagland, conspiracy theorist and fanatic of major cover-up theories including the Moon landing and buildings found, the face on Mars and more.

Now it’s the Elenin Comet. It is supposedly tetrahedroidal in shape, changing course, getting bigger, has windows and is an all-around Doomsday Machine coming towards our way, this October (2011).

Read it if you are interested in some far-fetched theories, and hope they are not true. I do.

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