Friday, July 31, 2009

A useful guide to world Domination


Institute for the Future director Alex Soojung-Kim Pang wrote a damn funny piece on how to rule the world and the simple rules to accomplish it.

As a longstanding member of the Evil Geniuses For A Better Tomorrow movement, I declare his proposals interesting and worth following, albeit a bit childish. I mean, I knew all that since the day I was born, and I’m never wrong, ok?
Now, pay attention and follow the following advice religiously. If you are successful I will contact you. Connection out.

The rules:

Be certain, not right
Claim to be an expert: it makes people’s brains hurt
No expertise, no problem
One simple idea may be one too many
Get prizes for being outrageous
There’s a success hiding in every failure
Don’t remember your failures. No one else will

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Life Form in sewer! (or hoax)

Now this is disgusting.. I don’t know if it is real, but it has six million viewings, and thousands of blogs discussing it’s origins. Some suggested that they are mutated worms, while others where sure that it was a micro camera inside a human orifice (ouch!)
If it is a hoax, it is one of the best I've seen. Seamless.
Those sewers in the States.. I mean, alligators in the 70’s, and now this. What’s next? Godzilla seems more and more plausible.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dreams walk among us


Have you noticed the winds picking up? They are carrying voices, and, sometimes, dreams. They are not easy to make sense of, in the noise of, well, us.
HPL heard them. Archibald McLeish was haunted by them. The few among us that are permanently lost can see them, as fire walks with them. You get that tingling in your stomach, that grip in your gut, and you know that there’s something real, lurking in your peripheral vision, content in not being seen, patient, waiting .
Do not tag it as evil, or good. The fear you feel is from ignorance, and the genetic fear of the unknown.
The winds are picking up, and fewer people are noticing.

Photo by Martin Stranka

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mile-wide UFO seen by pilot and passengers


A very recent (June)  sighting of a massive UFO over the Channel Islands in the UK.
The news report taken from here.

One of the largest UFOs ever seen has been observed by the crew and passengers of an airliner over the Channel Islands.

An official air-miss report on the incident several weeks ago appears in Pilot magazine.

Aurigny Airlines captain Ray Bowyer, 50, flying close to Alderney first spotted the object, described as "a cigar-shaped brilliant white light".

As the plane got closer the captain viewed it through binoculars and said: "It was a very sharp, thin yellow object with a green area.

"It was 2,000ft up and stationary. I thought it was about 10 miles away, although I later realised it was approximately 40 miles from us. At first, I thought it was the size of a [Boeing] 737.

"But it must have been much bigger because of how far away it was. It could have been as much as a mile wide."

Continuing his approach to Guernsey, Bowyer then spied a "second identical object further to the west".

He said: "It was exactly the same but looked smaller because it was further away. It was closer to Guernsey. I can't explain it. This was clearly visual for about nine minutes.

"I'm certainly not saying that it was something of another world. All I'm saying is that I have never seen anything like it before in all my years of flying."

The sightings were confirmed by passengers Kate and John Russell. John, 74, said: "I saw an orange light. It was like an elongated oval."

The sightings were also confirmed by an unnamed pilot with the Blue Islands airline.

The Civil Aviation Authority safety notice states that a Tri-Lander aircraft flying close to Alderney spotted the object.

"Certain parts of the report have not been published. I cannot say why," said a senior CAA source.

Earlier this year, however, the MOD declared its intentions to open its UFO files to the public.

Below a brief interview with the pilot.

And all this as 2009 has seen a huge increase in sightings and reports of UFOs, getting easier to capture them with cell phones being one interpretaion.
The other interpretation, well, it’s tricky. I mean it is easy to arbitrarily predict invasion scenarios and stuff, especially when the objects in question have used the same hide-and-seek technique for decades now. Apparently being able to slip in and out of invisibility (or dimensions) comes in handy when you want to peek-a-boo the natives. This will lead them to more awareness of the phenomenon, which in turn will lead to popularization, stupid movies, t-shirts and paranoids, thus stripping of power the original concept.
I mean Operation Trojan Horse was written many years ago, and I still have not seen them hovering defiantly over us, carrying out their sinister plans..

Hmmm. Things are usually trickier than they seem, and this deserves some fresh thoughts and paradigms. Soon…

Monday, July 13, 2009

Roswell CSI inconclusive


Well, for those of you who wondered what happened to the Sci-Fi Channel’s research into the Roswell crash site (alleged), here’s some new info:

NBC bought the Sci-Fi Channel and cancelled further Roswell episodes, as well as the analysis of the artifacts recovered. (conspiracy!, conspiracy!).
Check out the whole story here.
And a detailed look at the finds themselves, awaiting patiently to be analyzed is at

Be warned though: they don’t appear to be anything other than random garbage fragments, assuming they even got the crash site right. But then again, appearances can be deceiving, and they often are.. Let’s see. Patience we have. Lots of it.