Monday, September 21, 2009

First attempt of “Contact Earthlings” failed


All remaining (alive) crew, report back to mothership. Mission abort.

Well, reports of a “Gollum-like monster emerging from a lake”, only to be stoned to death by teenagers. Do you know what this will do to our Intergalactic PR?

Please refer to The Subanthropic Principle article for more proof that we will NEVER make contact with anyone. And I mean anyone..

Refer to the Independence Day movie for revenge scenarios…

Now, seriously, how stupid can you be? Even for a teenager..

On the biology of this, scientists will take samples from the mangled carcass, but they assume it is some kind of mutant sloth (!!!).

Sunday, September 20, 2009

They’re made out of meat!



And now a great follow-up to the last post: The great short story by Terry Bison on film, funny and slightly creepy. This is great (I think I already said that),  and watch it while it lasts.  Remember: Youtube is maintained by meat!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Subanthropic Principle

Well, one of the foundations of modern UFOlogy is the Fermi Paradox.
What it basically says is that if the number of predicted alien civilizations is near correct, and if alien life is as common to our galaxy as assumed, then it makes no sense that someone has not made contact, either by probe or in person..

They haven’t? Are we sure?
Spanish physicist Beatriz Gato-Rivera published a paper in 2003 called Brane Worlds, the Subanthropic Principle and the Undetectability Conjecture. (PDF link on the right column). Here’s a tasty bit:

Do mountain gorillas know that their “civilization” is embedded in a larger civilization corresponding to a much more evolved and intelligent species than themselves? Do they know that they are a protected species inhabiting a natural reserve in a country inside the African continent of planet Earth? The answer to these questions is certainly no, they do not know anything about our social structure, our countries, borders, religions, politics, ..... nor even about our villages and cities, except perhaps for those individuals living in a zoo, or adopted as pets.
In the same way, the human civilization of planet Earth could be immersed in a much larger civilization unknowingly, corresponding to much more evolved and intelligent species than ourselves.
In this situation, the answer to the usual remark “if there are advanced extraterrestrials around, why they do not contact us openly and officialy and teach us their science and technology?” seems obvious. Would any country in this planet send an official delegation to the mountain gorilla territory to introduce themselves “openly and officially” to the gorilla authorities? Would they shake hands, make agreements and exchange signatures with the dominant males? About teaching us their science and technology, who would volunteer to teach physics, mathematics and engineering to a bunch of gorillas? In addition one has to take into account the limits of the brain capabilities, independently of the culture or education.

The Subanthropic Principle: We are not typical among the intelligent observers from the Universe. Typical civilizations of typical galaxies would be hundreds of thousands, or millions, of years more evolved than ours and, consequently, typical intelligent observers would be orders of magnitude more intelligent than us.

More intelligent, or, if I may add, radically different, although I am not sure those two are conflicting. Do we study “inferior” beings? Yes. Do we try to “help” them by changing their lives and introducing them to ours? No. Not by lack of will. It simply cannot be done.

Would we know if we where being watched? DO WE KNOW? Officially not. Some people know. And it’s not easy. Watched by whom? Watched to what purpose? Now that’s a brain twister. Trying to imagine the purpose of virtually invisible beings riding virtually invisible and all-powerful crafts (albeit rather prone to malfunction) who are rumored to perform strange and meaningless experiments on people widely regarded as crazy…

I suddenly got a little depressed writing this. No chance of finding out even a little slice of truth? I hope not. I will not. Concede, that is..


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The locked Underground

Richard Shaver

Fate magazine has a nice overview of the Shaver Mystery along with some info on the Blowing Cave affair and the Wight Manuscript, both of which I have always dismissed as a publicity hoax. But now, wiser and older (…) I seem to be having second thoughts..

As I have stated before, I have found that the Underground seems to resist exploration, if it is a physical reality at all.. The mythical quality of such stories now, suddenly, seems consistent enough to warrant thoughts, correlations, hypotheses.
Having been a few days ago in a cave, the cave of Sfendonis in Crete, I came across it’s strange story: For years it has been used as a pen for livestock, mainly goats. From time to time a goat would disappear. Simple enough you say. Someone stole it.. Well, the disappearances happened near a particular opening in the cave wall. The people of the nearby village thought the cave was strange, and that you should avoid going near that opening. There where local legends that said that sometimes sparks occurred between visitors and the cave floor, and that the floor had some kind of “energy” to it. Then a child vanished into the cave. It was never found. How could that be, in a cave mapped and well known? The cave now is restricted, visitors allowed to visit only one third of its area “for safety reasons”, although is is no more dangerous than other caves. The visitors walk on a metal walkway 1.5 meters from the cave floor, and always accompanied by a “guide”, who clearly has nothing to say about the cave other than some minor Neolithic findings.
Do you see a pattern here? A secret? A cover-up?
Maybe, maybe not. After all it is a mapped, documented cave.

The Earth may not be hollow, after all, but human knowledge of the finer aspects of the universe is. In a big, gaping way..