Thursday, November 27, 2008

CARET controversy continues.. Hoax or not?

image The Internet controversy continues as to the authenticity of the documents and info provided by the person (?) with the alias Isaac. Here is his page, which is quite informative, and well written IMHO.

This thing has taken such proportions in the confined and claustrophobic internet spaces that Alienware, a hardware company, has adopted some of it's riddles and design in it's marketing campaign, leading many people to believe that "Isaac" had ripped them off the campaign. It reached Alienware of cource, who rushed to clarify that they where the ones ripping off the content, and that they hold no intellectual property or copyright over the materials.

The Alienware mail as well as some history can be found here.

Are you convinced that it is a hoax? Am I?

I still think it is a very elaborate piece of work, not to mention tasteful and well designed. Users of the above forum claim that some of the elements of the craft and objects can be found in public 3D libraries. Yes, but which appeared first? I fear that is a question not even Google can answer...

And, last but not least, why hasn't the person who put this thing together (assuming someone on earth has) come forward to claim the glory? Nobody would cause such a stir and then sit quietly and wait for it to die down.. Or would they?

Tons of parameters here: artistry, ego, work, fame, bullshit, ridicule, and the list goes on.

Just like life...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Simply Cool Video...

A video using material from some alleged UFO revelation mentioned in an earlier post.. Way cool use of images and the weird art associated with alien writing.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Holes in the ground again. Now it's Russia...

image Englishrussia reports that since the late 1980's, strange holes appear in the dense forests in the Siberian region. They are big enough to allow descent of a man, and they end abruptly several meters down. The forest around them is undisturbed and impenetrable by heavy machinery, and the soil removed from the hole is nowhere near.. Now that is weird.
image Now that excites my Hollow Earth passion deeply.. They seem to be core samples, complete with vertical scratch marks on the sides, but huge. The machinery required to dig such holes would leave permanent scars in the surrounding forest. And last, but not least, their lack of purpose. They are not oil drilling tests. These are a lot smaller. They are not part of a network as they are not interconnected. They are located at random in a huge forest, probably a small percentage of the undiscovered ones, deep in the forest.
image Aliens, anyone? Recent holes appeared in a field near a highway connecting the cities of Krasnoyarsk and Abakan, near the village of Kurgany, Siberia. They are different than the ones in the forest, as they look more like crash sites (!) or burrowing holes (that' even weirder)
I wonder if the earthquake some three years ago did not wake up some Cthulhu Mythos creature, like the Eater of Souls, craftily deployed in the same region in A Colder War, a short story by Charles Stross that will leave a cold spot inside you after reading..
Theories and more theories... They say the questions are more important than the answers, but I seem to be missing the questions as well..

UPDATE: Tony Polounine was kind enough to post an interesting idea, that the holes are the product of a flying machine designed by Victor Grebennikov. Read his comment below and more on Grebennikov here: I will have to write something about him soon. This is the stuff legends are made of!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Anomalies from above

There have been lots of attempts to put all paranormal activity on a map, and, since there are lots of them, they are all fragmentary. I was even tempted once and started creating a database of paranormal activity and weird places on Greece, but it was soon forgotten. You see, you can actually place a pin on a map, but, unless you where the witness, you have absolutely no clue as to the validity of the claim or event. They saw an alien? Maybe it was a deformed kitten, and so on.
But there is a definite charm in searching Google Earth to find some huge unexplained weirdness.
Here comes, a decent attempt to locate unheard-of megalithic weirdness, uncatalogued crop circles and some really strange holes in the dirt.
Something good can come of it, right?