Tuesday, September 28, 2010

UFO Disclosure and the Future

Barrack Obama’s Official Ufo Disclosure is a very hot topic right now all over the Internetz.
Yes it is. This Historic event is placed around the 10th of January, 2011, according to reliable sources (and a lot of them)..
Another rumor that’s making the rounds is that the UN will appoint an Alien Ambassador as a first point of contact if (when) they finally come.  The story was quickly proved to be a spoof.
And Henry Baum comes to mind, the author of The American Book of the Dead which can be downloaded for free here. I haven’t read it yet but hope to soon.
In a recent interview he states:
“…I look at the recent mosque controversy and wonder, for instance, what would happen if there was UFO disclosure. If people think Obama’s a socialist Hitler terrorist now, they might be turned into David Ickean conspiracy theorists at that point – he’s a reptilian. There’s just so much volatility that seems like it could end in violence. People are crazy – how do we introduce new radical ideas into the culture if a centrist like Obama is seen as a radical? I’m not advocating genocide of any kind – but metaphorically at least, many different types of thought need to die, especially different aspects of fundamentalism. And now it seems fundamentalism is getting a louder and louder voice in the mainstream. It’s like the culture is primed to create mass conflict.”
Not pleasant but to the point. As we continue to be submersed in a sea of idiocy, we run the danger of drowning. Or worse.
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Monday, September 27, 2010

Infinite Spaces



Hans Vaihinger on reality:

…human beings can never really know the underlying reality of the world, and that as a result we construct systems of thought and then assume that these match reality: we behave "as if" the world matches our models. In particular, he used examples from the physical sciences, such as protons, electrons, and electromagnetic waves. None of these phenomena have been observed directly, but science pretends that they exist, and uses observations made on these assumptions to create new and better constructs.
This can be a double-edged sword..
But then again, do we really want to know the underlying reality?

The eternal silence of these infinite spaces fills me with dread.
Blaise Pascal

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Incident at the Silbury Hill Stargate

 The Silbury Hill Stargate is a term coined by Colin Andrews and fellow researchers to surround the High Strangeness area around the archaelogical site of Silbury Hill in Wiltshire.

I came across the strange case of a Policeman who saw some creatures, and not only that. This is a case that effectively combines the whole spectrum of the Paranormal, involving Ufos, crop circles, poltergeist phenomena, missing time, aliens (or cryptoterrestrials?) and a place that acts as a Gateway (or Stargate) to it all.

Silbury Hill is a Neolithic mound, the tallest one in Europe, and of course it's purpose is unknown. It is part of a Group of Neolithic monuments in the area, the most famous being Stonehenge. The pic on the left shows a huge crop circle and on the top of the picture you can see the Hill.
The case, as it was investigated by Andrew Russell :

The Police officer saw three figures in a field as he was driving by. He stopped and saw three very tall figures with blond hair and identical white suits investigating the crops.
When he shouted at them to ask them what they where doing they just ignored him, but when he tried to approach them they started running abnormally fast away from the Hill and vanished before reaching the top. The whole area had a static electricity quality to it, with crackling being heard and the crops moving. He soon developed a strong headache.
Then, for several days after the encounter, the officer had poltergeist activity in his house: Electrical appliances going crazy, knocks on the door, and a feeling of a presence. Russell also believes the officer experienced some missing time when driving to his home...
This incident has all the characteristics not of an alien incident, but combines elements from the entire paranormal range!

Let's take a look at the static electricity crackling in the field : This is commonly referenced as a by-product of the activity observed. But, WHAT IF THE ACTIVITY IS THE BY-PRODUCT? The keyword here is causality.  In a particle accelerator we have magnetic fields and particle collisions. The magnetic fields are not the byproducts of the collisions but the DRIVING FORCE behind the activity. And let's remember: Static electricity is present in almost all manifestations associated with the paranormal, be it religious experiences, Ufo abductions, visions, Ghosts, precognition etc. (thinking raised hairs?). I seriously think that the Field active in these sacred/haunted places is actually the means by which the window opens, allowing vision and matter to co-exist for a while. To where?? Unknown. When? Unknown.

What is also intriguing is the evident Neural Influence almost always present: Disorientation, headache, visions. Could it be that the whole experience is generated by the mind-altering Field and is not real at all? It could be, but I seriously doubt it. The physical evidence is too much, and unless we go Schrodinger's way, in which case all bets are off, we can establish a physical connection with the environment and not only with the witnesses senses.
Case in point: The poltergeist occurrences that followed where observed by the officer's wife as well, a person that had not been in the alleged mind-altering Field. Can it be that the polterfeist effects where created by the officer's mind? Yes. However that does not alter the fact that it was a consequence of the Contact experience, whatever it's mechanics may be...
This article better describes a fact that has been known for some time now by serious researchers:
"There is no one UFO presence, no one UFO reality. UFOs are all things to all people, manifesting their reality dependent upon the mental make-up of the person or persons taking in their presence, in the air, on the ground (as in previous years, more so than today), or via technology (radar, for instance).
And those who refuse the reality are also determinant mentally. They refuse the “reality” or “delusional reality” of others because they are saddled with mind-sets of a restrictive kind.
Until neurology, psychology, sociology, and other disciplines tackle the UFO phenomenon within the parameters of human mental vagaries, the mystery will remain elusive."
Can it be that the point of manifestation is the key to the whole mystery?
The point I am constantly trying to make is that we have to start any and all investigation into the Unknown at the Mystery Places that are part of Humanity's heritage. If the Machine fires up, or the stars align or whatever, these places are the most likely to become Gateways to Elsewhere. The fact that the Neolithic Man (probably) could not measure magnetic fields did not stop him from recognizing, and maybe utilizing, some of the most powerful places on the face of the Earth.
Now we must find out how, all over again.
Original Story
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Future Shock is here! (Charles Stross thinks so)

Future Shock was published in the 60's, describing how, in the future (like, now) people would be unable to come to terms with "too much change in too short a period of time" and would be victims to stress, disorientation and other nasty symptoms. Charlie Stross, one of my favorite writers (he is the guy who wrote The Atrocity Archives as well as my all-time favorite Cthulhu Mythos tale: A Colder War)
has an interesting post on his blog dealing with exactly how much of this Future Shock has come true, and how it was grossly underestimated:
"My working hypothesis to explain the 21st century is that the Tofflers underestimated how pervasive future shock would be. I think somewhere in the range from 15-30% of our fellow hairless primates are currently in the grip of future shock, to some degree. Symptoms include despair, anxiety, depression, disorientation, paranoia, and a desperate search for certainty in lives that are experiencing unpleasant and uninvited change. It's no surprise that anyone who can offer dogmatic absolute answers is popular, or that the paranoid style is again ascendant in American politics, or that religious certainty is more attractive to many than the nuanced complexities of scientific debate. Climate change is an exceptionally potent trigger for future shock insofar as it promises an unpleasant and unpredictable dose of upcoming instability in the years ahead; denial is an emotionally satisfying response to the threat, if not a sustainable one in the longer term.
Image by Violator3
Deep craziness: we're in it, and there's probably not going to be any reduction in the prevalence of authoritarian escapism until we collectively become accustomed to the pace of change. Which will, at a minimum, not happen until the older generations have died of old age — and maybe not even then."
I don't think he could have been more to the point. Head over to his blog and read the full article. It's worth it.
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

More Roswell thoughts

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.
Arthur Schopenhauer

Antony Bragalia has been busy interviewing Roswell Incident witnesses, some of them on their deathbed. He has published several interesting articles based on his interviews, like this one.

In this article in the Ufo Iconoclast(s) he seems to be trying to convince critics (and himself) that Roswell testimonies have as much value as a court testimony that convicts a man to death or prison. He has a point there. Double standards in every aspect of knowledge have always been thw reason of slow progress. But then again, we don’t want to be the ones that believe everything, right?
Enter this very interesting article in Bragalia’s defense, and in defense of a very sane and productive way of thinking:

However, what Anthony Bragalia has uncovered are subliminal clues that indicate something strange happened at Roswell in 1947, something stranger than what the Mogul explanation purports or even what the extraterrestrial account indicates.
There is a sub rosa set of occurrences that show an environment in Roswell and its aftermath which portend something weirder than what has been thus far reported.
And Mr. Bragalia’s witness testimonies are where those sub rosa clues reside, even inside the testimony that is flawed. (Witnesses who outright lie have to have a “seed” from which they formulate their falsehoods. Even their prevarications can contain something worthwhile. It may be harder to discern that something, but it’s there for adept researchers.)

The Roswell incident(s) lie in an Alice in Wonderland context, unfortunately. And this makes conclusive remarks harder to come by. But we understand that Mr. Bragalia (and a few others) are on the brink of a break-through, one that will finally answer the Roswell question(s) and provide an answer (or portion of answer) to the UFO enigma.

This is a great set of ideas, but not limited to the Roswell saga. The Alice in Wonderland context, what has been described a The High Weirdness Factor, IS PRESENT IN ALL CASES OF THE PARANORMAL. Leaving out of a case everything that makes it weird and less plausible, means that this will come back to haunt you, and finally discredit the story. It is the Seeing with New Eyes I had written about a while ago, and these guys are starting to. Maybe the whole world will slowly follow.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sheriff of Roswell : The full story

I came across this very detailed synopsis of a man's story. This man was George Wilcox, the Sheriff of Roswell at the time of the Incident.
His involvement in the case is outlined by his closest family members, his neighbors, his friends.
The story of a man shocked, frightened and burdened with a secret he did not want to be a part of.
I recently saw a documentary about the Roswell Incident, and it actually had interviews with his daughters. They where very down to earth people, and I instinctively believed them.
It is a shame that, whatever happened, is still kept secret, especially if it effects our science advances, and ultimately our lives.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Jacques Vallée trolling the Web

Jacques Vallée seems to be hard at work to change our perception of the Paranormal, a perception he helped create all those years ago with his meme-generating Passport to Magonia. In a recent series of articles in BoingBoing he goes on to claim that all crop circles can be explained by army experiments on directed microwave weapons. Weird, right? After his first post generated a heated argument thread, his second post starts with this:
My previous post about crop circles could be considered, among other things, as a social science test of the role of belief systems in the manipulation of memes and factual data. One of the meta-questions that interest me has to do with the spontaneous rejection of new or unpopular ideas, even in the supposedly open, free and consciousness-enhancing environment of the web.
The general rule among UFOlogists, up until now was DON'T GENERATE FALSE MEMES, which means don't do to others what you have been suspecting the Government is doing to you.
If his plan was to create a heated debate, then he succeeded, but I just don't see the point. I cannot even begin to recite the counter-arguments to his ideas, and some of the best are in the comments below the posts.
So, in case you didn't know: all crop circles are created either by low-orbit satellites carrying microwave guns or by crazed mathematicians. There must be thousands of them around us. Check your local math club. I will.
That was really disappointing, but the disillusionment was refreshing.

Nice article on forgetomori and hat tip

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Original Necronomicon may still be around

In this post at the Cthulhufiles site the author, a Dr Carlos Sorentino follows the trail of the Al-Azif, the alter ego of the elusive Necronomicon.
The rather small article reads very professional and the bibliography seems convincing. Dr Sorentino is indeed a part of the staff of Macquarie University. (with all the bullshit afloat in the net, I just had to check).
The Book of the Ancient Demons was last catalogued in Buenos Aires in 1952 in the "Anexo" of the National Library:

In 1952, the "Biblioteca Nacional" of Buenos Aires, in its old "Anexo" of Avenida Santa Fe 1851, had a copy of the translation catalogued as "Sagredo, León. El Libro De Los Antiguos Demonios Escrito por el Arabe Abdul Hazred, Salamanca, 1612." [4]
The catalogue entry is puzzling. Firstly the year is quoted as 1612 while Freyre de Andrada attributes a date of 1512 to the publication of de Sagredo’s translation. Secondly, the mention of Palau is enigmatic as this bibliographer does not seem to have ever catalogued the Al Azif or El Libro De Los Antiguos Demonios Escrito por el Arabe Abdul Hazred. Furthermore, Palau never worked in Buenos Aires: is this a reference to another, yet undiscovered, copy of the Spanish translation?
The "Anexo" was closed in 1978 when the building was declared unsafe and condemned to demolition. The collections were transferred to the library of the "Servicio Geologico Nacional" in the second floor of the "Secretaria de Industria Comercio y Mineria" en Avenida Julio A. Roca 651 in Buenos Aires. However the modern catalogue does not list El Libro De Los Antiguos Demonios Escrito por el Arabe Abdul Hazred in its current holdings.
 There you have it. It should still be there. Or not..
The mention o Theodorus Philetas, the fictional Greek scholar that created the word Necronomicon is mentioned in the text, which makes it kind of fishy.. 
Can someone shed some light on this? I think I am very gullible, to say the least. Maybe I'll contact Dr Sorentino to ask for clarifications. Will update..
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Friday, September 3, 2010

Vatican's Lucifer searching for Nibiru with NASA

Well the title is interesting, isn't it?
And actually telling the truth, depending which way you look at it..
Well, NASA has for some time now speculated about a planet in the outskirts of the Solar System, responsible for large meteors, comets and Cycles of Mass Extinction every 26 million years or so... This planet, dubbed Nemesis, is supposed to be cold, dark and very far away, and following a highly elliptical orbit that periodically brings him to our neighborhood to bring mayhem and annihilation.  Ring a bell?
Well, they call it Nemesis, the rest of the world Nibiru. You know, 2012 and Sitchin, Babylonian Gods, the Long Count and all-around destruction... Fun times.
NASA's rather mundane undertaking is made more interesting by the fact that they are assisted by the Vatican, no less, and their aptly-named telescope, Lucifer(...)
Now, before we all get highly paranoid (not that there's anything wrong with that) the acronym stands for "Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research". Did that make sense?
The planet they are searching for is thought to be several times the size of Jupiter,  a red or brown dwarf maybe, and the geeks working in NASA have affectionately called it The Death Star.
I don't know about you, but when it comes down to extinction, I prefer murderous alien invaders over a lifeless planet anytime. Unless Nibiru is inhabited by murderous aliens. Or angry Ancient Gods. Or..
Oh I give up.

Source of story and Hat Tip
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Alien (or Cryptoterrestrial) caught on tape

Well, I don't know if this is a hoax, and I am not even sure I can make sense of the captions on this video, but if it is for real it cannot simply be light-play.
The way it just appears, with no craft in sight reminds me of the Cryptoterrestrials theory by Mac Tonnies, a book I had read (and loved) some time ago. Now the fact that there is no craft in sight could mean that the craft is also invisible, but..
Anyway, I have this feeling that I have seen this before, so if anyone has any info, let me know.

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