Sunday, March 14, 2010


10_04_2009_0845932001239310448_martin-stranka “Living among us undetected may be creatures (not necessarily alien) with all the outward appearances of human beings. “

Alex Saunders, Quest Magazine, October 1969

“The mimic would of necessity be a "lone wolf", likely living in a large, bustling city where the eccentric and the odd may flourish unhindered.For it is a curious fact of nature that that which is in plain view is often best hidden.”
John Keel  - Our Haunted Planet

Just thought I’d share a passage I found really disturbing. Who hasn’t thought about it?
Maybe in this age of .. not enlightenment.. more like disillusionment.  A fresh eye on old matters is easier. Less of a nuisance…
Too much to process nowadays. Too much information.
And who is mimicking who?

The Plain View is now more conspicuous than ever.
In all this info, strangely, it is becoming more and more difficult to hide.
We have a chance to see now. See others.
See ourselves.

The world around is changing, and we are doing the changing.
Time to wake up..

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