Tuesday, September 28, 2010

UFO Disclosure and the Future

Barrack Obama’s Official Ufo Disclosure is a very hot topic right now all over the Internetz.
Yes it is. This Historic event is placed around the 10th of January, 2011, according to reliable sources (and a lot of them)..
Another rumor that’s making the rounds is that the UN will appoint an Alien Ambassador as a first point of contact if (when) they finally come.  The story was quickly proved to be a spoof.
And Henry Baum comes to mind, the author of The American Book of the Dead which can be downloaded for free here. I haven’t read it yet but hope to soon.
In a recent interview he states:
“…I look at the recent mosque controversy and wonder, for instance, what would happen if there was UFO disclosure. If people think Obama’s a socialist Hitler terrorist now, they might be turned into David Ickean conspiracy theorists at that point – he’s a reptilian. There’s just so much volatility that seems like it could end in violence. People are crazy – how do we introduce new radical ideas into the culture if a centrist like Obama is seen as a radical? I’m not advocating genocide of any kind – but metaphorically at least, many different types of thought need to die, especially different aspects of fundamentalism. And now it seems fundamentalism is getting a louder and louder voice in the mainstream. It’s like the culture is primed to create mass conflict.”
Not pleasant but to the point. As we continue to be submersed in a sea of idiocy, we run the danger of drowning. Or worse.
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Anonymous said...

Wait, the disclosure will be January 10th, 2010? But you wrote this in September 2010. Did you mean 2011?

Illuminatus said...

Of course I meant 2011! Already changed. Thanks!