Monday, November 29, 2010

The Curse of the Crying Boy (painting)


This post reminded me of a story I heard about many years ago, and then forgotten: The story of the Crying Boy Paintings..
According to the Urban Legend, partially created by Tabloids in the UK, homes which had the painting, burned to the ground, the fire leaving only the crying boy painting unharmed. The story gets more complicated as there seem to be a lot of paintings (28, see below) depicting crying boys, all of which are associated with fires.

The whole story can be found at the Fortean Times, where it is mentioned that the painter responsible for the paintings is one Giovanni Bragolin, and that “feelings of terror and illness are always associated with his paintings.”

Now, all talk of curses aside, the whole concept behind this story (at least my take on it) is very interesting: That a geometric configuration, even in a two-dimensional depiction (like a painting) can directly affect the environment and, probably, natural laws.

It has been an ancient law of Magic that designs (see Magic or Invocation Circles) can produce effects, invoke entities and generally  wreak inter-dimensional havoc.


A modern version of this (yes, there is Modern Magic and it is called Magick) is the Sigil.
A Sigil is a magical symbol that represents a force, and is used to invoke that force.

But, if a geometric design or a painting can open a portal to outer forces, can this happen by accident? Can I draw a few lines or a landscape, where some unintended formations perform an action? Is it accidental at all? Can a drawing start a fire or propel a UFO?

Besides the psychological effect, do all paintings have some sort of magical action attached to them unintentionally? Magick of course being the name of a science so far advanced it appears to be as magic.

Remember the Caret Designs? I cannot seem to get them out of my head. There is a connection to be found there. To UFOs, propulsion, art, magic, everything.

The only thing we are missing is a place to start.
Opinions welcome, as always.


Surreality said...

You seem to have chosen the spookiest portrait of the lot.

[I do hope this blog is fireproof: imagine if your links caught on and the whole web was set on fire!]

Illuminatus said...

I have a friend who is a t-shirt designer.. I was thinking of suggesting he place the painting on a t-shirt!
I can just imagine all those flaming people running the streets of cities. :D

Surreality said...

We're entering Apocalypse Portrait territory!