Monday, November 15, 2010

Mystery Object launch in the News (and solved)

(UPDATE): A very convincing explanation was posted here, so an impending nuclear holocaust is one less thing to worry about, at least for now..)

In case you missed it, a mysterious rocket trail was captured by a helicopter news crew last Monday, west of Los Angeles.
The fun starts when the military denies launching anything at the area, and:
The Federal Aviation Administration, the Coast Guard, Navy, Air Force, and California Reps. Dana Rohrabacher and Jane Harman -- whose coastal districts are closest to the offshore contrails -- were at a loss to explain the images.
"The FAA ran radar replays of a large area west of Los Angeles based on media reports of the possible missile launch at approximately 5 p.m. (PT) on Monday. The radar replays did not reveal any fast moving, unidentified targets in that area," said FAA spokesman Ian Gregor. "The FAA did not receive reports ... of unusual sightings from pilots who were flying in the area on Monday afternoon.
This cause quite a stir in news rooms around the world. Also an “expert” declared that it can be an optical illusion created by an oncoming plane.. I can’t seem to be able to embed the video for Youtube, but it should be fairly easy for you to find it here.
Full Story here (and all over Google)
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