Friday, April 23, 2010

Time Traveler Caught on Camera?


See anything strange?
In this photo which went online on a Virtual Museum in Canada, some one noticed the strange man dubbed “the Hipster Time Traveler
Let’s take a closer look


Modern-looking sunglasses, a shirt print and what appears to be a compact camera.

Forums went on a rage, and then Forgetomori did a little research on which of those items could be bought back in the forties.

It turns out you could find all those items back then.

The verdict? Inconclusive. The man has a distinctively modern aura to him, and looks totally out of place back in the 40’s. He would also fit quite nicely in any modern urban setting. I have to reserve judgment on this one, but we have to keep an eye on old photos. It seems the past (?)  may have some surprises left for us…

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Surreality said...

"Martha, look at those damned beatniks...They seem to pop-up everywhere these days!"