Sunday, October 17, 2010

The One True Alien Crash Site


I may seem to be obsessed with Roswell these days, but that is not the case. It’s just that suddenly the Roswell Saga has received a new breath of life from.. somewhere. New evidence, eye witness accounts, artifact photography and more are coming out of the Net’s woodwork.. Now that is a good subject for some research.. Where is all this coming from? Is it a fluke or.. something else entirely?
Never mind. These days it seems I am content to ask questions more than to answer them.
This piece is written by Kenn Thomas of Steamshovel Press and is an interesting account of a field trip he took to the Roswell Crash Site, as described to an unknown “Ed” by the cameraman of the infamous 1995 Ray Santilli Alien Autopsy Film.. (oh come on, everyone has seen it!)
The last paragraph caught my eye, and so here it is:
“…Ed has taken only one or two UFO researchers to this site, as he rarely gets time these days to make the visit to New Mexico. That's quite a shame, really, considering that in the half-perceived, half-created world of UFOlogy, this canyon definitely falls into the half that actually can be perceived, and perhaps researched into some surprising realms of parapolitical history.”
Half perceived-half created… This is not existential babble, but isn’t that a rather accurate description of Life?
I will come back to that soon. I will I tell you..

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