Friday, June 3, 2011

UFO videos and cinematic reality

Seeing this UFO video (or videos) supposedly shot by multiple witnesses, somewhere in Canada, made me want to share some thoughts.
These thoughts are not in regard to the validity of the video, since plenty of people have already commented “how fake it looks”..
I don’t feel a video is enough to make an analysis any more. It was enough 30 years ago, but not now.. Bear with me:

I began to wonder what makes people claim out loud “it’s fake”. Most of them deal in Photoshop and After Effects, so they are no strangers to graphics. But the argument “I can make this in After Effects” is a non-argument: I can make the Space Shuttle launch in After Effects and 3D Studio Max, but that does not mean that the launch you see on TV is fake!

We are deeply saturated with visual effects iconography, so much that it makes me wonder: Would we know the difference between Visual Effects and reality?
The difference between a good and a bad VFX shot these days is camera shake!

I wonder, if the video had camera shake, how would it alter the perception of the viewers?
And, more importantly, since so many commentators relied on the “it looks fake” proposition, I have another question:
If the event pictured was real how would it look? I mean, have you seen many Inter-dimensional Wormholes lately? Then, please, let us know how they look on video!

My point is that if we are to judge something outside everyday reality, we cannot afford to use everyday reality arguments on it.

That being said, the video is probably fake, but I made my point..

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