Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Could it be true?


The rumor has been around for ever, (well, since E.T. was released anyway) and it was one of those urban legends that have a tendency to remain forever unproven.

Not this one! A reporter had a chance to ask Steven Spielberg about the E.T special screening in the White House, and a comment supposedly made by Ronald Reagan about it being all true. And, yes, confirmed!

“He just stood up and he looked around the room, almost like he was doing a headcount, and he said, “I wanted to thank you for bringing E.T. to the White House. We really enjoyed your movie,” and then he looked around the room and said, “And there are a number of people in this room who know that everything on that screen is absolutely true.”

And he said it without smiling! But he said that and everybody laughed, by the way. The whole room laughed because he presented it like a joke, but he wasn’t smiling as he said it. …

…. Steven Spielberg: I don’t think he let something slip there, no. I think he delivered a joke without smiling, without a little bit of a twinkle behind the joke. I think the joke landed because everybody laughed, but because I’m a little bit of a Ufologist I was hoping that there was something more to the joke than met my eye. I’m sorry to say I think he was simply trying to tell a joke.”

Could be a joke. But, then again, it could be more. Nothing significant learned here, but the truth comes in small doses.

Story from Openminds

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