Monday, April 18, 2011

Strange Days

The Internet these days is full of UFO videos, alien videos, Ultra-secret information leaks, conspiracy theories and more. From alien involvement in the Japanese tragedy to full-blown Invasion, it’s all out there.
But alien videos, that’s all the rage right now. Stick aliens, Grays, dead aliens, you name it, in full Technicolor in a monitor near you.
Now, this has two possible explanations:

  1. They are getting more at home, an invasion is imminent, and I need to stock up on food getting ready for the Alien Apocalypse. (and by food I mean Cheese Puffs and Beer)
  2. The Internet Hoaxers Union has actually found a way to monetize these videos and make real money of our gullibility. (has YouTube opened up it’s Partner Program?)

The Internet being the only free and limitless information outlet, does not mean that it is not full of shit. I am reminded of an old saying: “If you keep your mind sufficiently open, people are going to throw a lot of garbage in it”. I forget who said that. Never mind.

Two specimens below: An alien corpse in Russian snow, and a Grey sighting with a lot of “shit” and “fuck” as background noise. Enjoy and do not make up your mind. You DON’T HAVE TO have an opinion about everything..

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То teach the dog to bark.