Thursday, September 2, 2010

Alien (or Cryptoterrestrial) caught on tape

Well, I don't know if this is a hoax, and I am not even sure I can make sense of the captions on this video, but if it is for real it cannot simply be light-play.
The way it just appears, with no craft in sight reminds me of the Cryptoterrestrials theory by Mac Tonnies, a book I had read (and loved) some time ago. Now the fact that there is no craft in sight could mean that the craft is also invisible, but..
Anyway, I have this feeling that I have seen this before, so if anyone has any info, let me know.

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Surreality said...

There is a halo around the woman's head that seems fishy. I can't be sure but there may well be some compositing involved.

Illuminatus said...

Of course it is fishy, The shadows are all over the place, there is a softness around her head and the alien walks like a bad rigging job, or someone with chronic constipation. But then again, what if it is real?

Anonymous said...

"someone with chronic constipation"
I'm utterly humbled!