Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Long Count

Well, here are the facts.
Many people (getting more and more), believe that the world will end on December 21rst, 2012, or that something equally impressive will happen at that particular date. This belief is based mostly on the Mayan Long Count calendar, which, according to many, counts down to the date mentioned, and predicts the end of the world as we know it.
A good job of spreading this belief was done by the Discovery Channel and several documentaries pertaining to the end of the world, by Mayan or other Ancient sources.

After unsuccessfully trying to validate or debunk this date and the whole calendar thing (scientists are a rare breed, fiercely trying to disprove each other, using the same methods as their opponents, and usually making a big fuss about everything, except things that actually matter like, you know, the truth, or something resembling the truth), I came across a documentary about UFOs over Mexico..
Now, that was synchronicity.. UFOs caught on camera, viewed on live TV, swarms over cities, and the Ministry of Defense giving the investigation over to a reporter. And it got me thinking: Isn't Mexico part of the ancient Mayan Empire? If we buy into the whole 2012 theory, are they already here monitoring things until the great astronomical alignment of 2012 (at least that's a fact) when their buddies invade Earth, or the Great Portals open, or when Master Cthulhu devours us all?
The strange search continued with Nibiru, a subject arbitrarily connected with the whole Mayan thing, or not? having read Zecharia Sitchin's books a long time ago, I can still remember the date he specifies when the Annunaki return to claim their offspring, non on a spaceship but on a planet, Nibiru that is.
Now, when I heard some years ago about the existence of an unseen planet with a great elliptical orbit, influencing the orbits of Neptune and Pluto, proven mathematically, and crossing the solar system around 2012, I was again impressed. It's orbit was thought around 3.600 years. Like Sitchin's Nibiru. Was it Nibiru? NASA said so..
Well, they don't any more. They seem to have changed their minds. The code name of the Planet X research is not Nibiru any more, but Eris.
How apropriate. For those who don't know, Eris is the Ancient Greek Deity of dissent (and hero of R.A. Wilson's books but that's another story).
Now astronomers claim that Planet X is a different story alltogether, but remain silent to the fact of it's visit, if ever. They prefer to nuke each other over trivialities, in blogs and forums, rather than answer the simple question. How convenient.
The gigantic object spotted in the outer reaches of the Solar System somehow defies explanation, at least until it comes closer.. (!)

Too much coincidence means truth? Is absence of evidence evidence of absense? No to both.

Will something happen on December 21rst 2012? Probably not.
And my greatest fear is that if something cataclysmically great is going to happen, we are not even going to notice..


Anonymous said...

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Illuminatus said...

You will see what in the Sky?