Friday, November 27, 2009

H1N1 swine flu vaccine – Conspiracy time

After watching another video dealing with the Swine Flu Vaccine Conspiracy, I just couldn’t resist a comment, now that the vaccine is the talk of the world. 
I am a sucker for conspiracy. We’ve established that. An old conspiratorial rule is that if you search hard enough, you will find evidence to support any and all conspiracies. The new aspect of this is that if you search Youtube hard enough, you will find videos to support any and all conspiracies.
The above video is one of many, but the sensationalist-telemarketing style of it makes it easier to watch, and maybe draw some conclusions before paranoia sets in.

Known facts so far: The H1N1 vaccine indeed seems to be a money-making opportunity grabbed by the pharmaceutical companies, and aided by the World Health Organization. (profit involved)
The Swine Flu is milder than regular flu, as proven by winter in Australia, but fear and panic is a lot more dangerous.
And last but nor least: People believe what they read first, what they are told second. If information is contradictory, they panic and blame the government.
The above docu-montage displays the usual array of mad activists, religious fanatics, weird people with PhD attached to their name and some not so weird. Some even make valid points against the vaccine.

Now for something less noisy:

This has some interesting facts: I was especially impressed that in the USA you cannot sue the companies if you die as a result of the vaccine (!). But the most impressive one of all is the vaccination-cancer connection back in 1909..

I cannot reach a conclusion here as easily as others. There is evidence on both sides, and both have been visibly (if you are not brain-dead) tampered with. It’s what I cannot see that scares me. The subtext. What each one stands to gain. What we have to lose..
The old X-Files line comes to mind: Trust No One.
It sounds pretty healthy to me in this day and age.

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