Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thank you Crop Circle creators, whoever you are…


Photo and copyright Lucy Pringle

Well, taking into account the apparent solving of the above crop circle, witch seems to be a visual representation of pi, you know, circles and stuff, and watching yet another documentary on the subject, I had an interesting thought:

The creators of the crop circles, whoever they are, aliens, situationist artists, mathematicians on acid, have obviously succeeded in their goal: THEY HAVE BROADENED THE PUBLIC CONCIENCE TO ACCOMODATE THE UNKNOWN.
Now that seems kind of obvious, but think about that kind of stuff –UFOs, aliens, fairies, messages from elsewhere, parallel dimensions -  twenty years ago. It was all fringe, untouched by “mainstream” science, talked about in little groups of nerdy-looking people in shady cafes.. (I should know).
Now look at this. UFOs and crop circles are discussed in mainstream media and respectable universities conduct the investigations with state funding. Now that’s change!
It appears that the in-your-face approach of crop circles has done wonders for the human open-mindedness, what hundreds of books and thousands of lectures, apparently could not do.. The crop circles are there, huge, ubiquitous, and apparently the product of a major intelligence. Barring the chance of stoned kangaroos designing them, it appears that the effort was a well orchestrated one, perfectly executed, and the ideal prelude to an Unveiling of sorts.
The world is ready now, right?

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