Sunday, November 8, 2009

Vampire Hunting Kits - great Christmas presents!


I just couldn’t resist.. This article in LAweekly has a list of the Vampire Hunting Kits out there, most of them going for outrageous amounts of money. There are those that are modern, Steampunk artistic creations and there are those that are old, matter-of-fact items, made in an era that supported the sale of such things outside the circle of artists.
You can also find Vampire-Werewolf combos (!) and more!
Read their stories and remember: I could really use one of these for Christmas. :)
You really never know when the world gets filled with fanged blood suckers coming after you.

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Surreality said...

Seeing the crucifix (and recalling some dialogs from Polanski's "Fearless Vampire Killers") I can't help but wonder:
How am I supposed to deal with a Muslim vampire, or a Jew or a Buddhist?
Maybe the Delux editions of these kits offer a solution...