Thursday, December 3, 2009

Buried Secrets of the Pyramids (again)


Andrew Collins has a new book out, called Beneath the Pyramids. Nothing new there. He has published several books, and I have not read a single one of them. They seem interesting, but not quite enough to spend money on them. So why mention it?
Well, the interview he gave to Brent Raynes triggered my interest.

The new book is apparently about a discovery he made, along with his wife, of an underground system of caves in the Giza Plateau.
Now, how can you discover anything new on the Giza Plateau? I mean, seriously.. The most excavated part of the Planet and..
no wait. It is the most visited part of the planet. But excavations? I think the last one was around the middle of the previous century.
But still.. How come no one had found it? Or had they? The infamous watchdog of Egypt, Dr Hawass, denies the existence of caves in the Bird Tomb, as it called. But Collins has hundreds of photographs and video, and states that they went at least 100 yards in various passages before oxygen became scarce. Now it becomes interesting, right? Hawass has a reputation of trying to suppress any and all investigations leading to honest-to-god paranormal findings and ancient secrets, preferably tied to ancient astronauts, tech and gods. He is the man who stopped the investigation on the strange wooden door in the Great Pyramid back in the nineties, only to resume it in secret, as is reported here (bottom of the page).
Anyway, back to Collins, who claims that the cave complex he found could be the burial place of Hermes Trismegistus and his Emerald Tablet, the Holy Grail of Alchemists. You know, coal into gold and Immortality. (So how come Hermes died?)

I have no way of confirming or debunking any claim, but a good cave-hollow-earth-ancient secrets-paranormal-conspiracy-under-your-very-eyes story just makes my day..

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