Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Buried Spacecraft in Austria (maybe)


In this story an Austrian man went looking for his cat and found a perfectly round hole in a field. The hole has something metallic in it’s bottom, several meters down as evidenced by the sound the rocks he threw made.

He seems to have also lowered a magnet, and, snap!

Next came the flocks of UFO freaks and weirdos and then, of course, the debunking. This report says that

“.. the mystery has finally been solved by a local historian who discovered that 50 years ago a company had drilled a hole in the field while looking for oil - and that the massive drill bit had snapped off at the end leaving a chunk of metal in the ground.”


Is it me or is this attempt at explaining this hole total crap?

Here’s what a commenter, Ellen, had to say:

“Fifty years, and miraculously, the hole has not undergone erosion -- and the 'drill bit' has not been obscured by dirt, dust, mud...? The drill bit explanation is patently absurd. Within six months, a typical bore will have succumbed to mild erosive forces and begun to close... There is always a 'local historian' waiting in the wings, isn't there?”

I couldn’t have said it better myself…

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Anonymous said...

So when can we expect to see the pictures and videos?