Friday, April 8, 2011

They’re back.

This video reminds me of a previous post on a New Kind of Alien.

It is not exactly the stick-figure type, but creepy nonetheless, especially with the music this guy has used.

More and more of these guys keep appearing at random places, and it makes me wonder. Barring the possibility of hoax (ever present), “they” seem to be more at ease these days..

Could it be that… naaaaah..

Here’s another sighting, photo this time:


“While photographing the state police on horseback in the Parque Forestal of Santiago, Chile, civil engineer Germán Pereira notices something unusual. On the left side of the photo, near one of the horses, something resembling an alien being can be seen apparently crossing the road. What could this creature be, and how did it manage to survive on our planet for so long without being spotted?”



Anonymous said...

I can see a new joke rising from the old pattern:
"Why did the creature crossed the road?"
"Why, to get to the other side, of course!"

[Strange little buggers, indeed...]

Illuminatus said...

Knock-knock jokes would be far creepier though.. :)