Monday, March 14, 2011

Interest or Involvement?

Video allegedly taken two hours before the Japan quake.
There is a long history of UFOs taking an interest in human affairs, usually pre-dating the event, as if they know what’s about to happen. That is why in the Middle Ages luminous objects in the sky where considered prophets of doom.
They seem to continue to appear just before major disasters up to today, creating a whole new (and different) set of questions.

The validity of the video above is non essential. But the question that permeates the phenomenon is: Do they observe beforehand or create the disaster?

Motives and/or purposes are too far out there to contemplate. Besides we have no idea what they are! Hey, maybe we should take a look at Medieval Lore. They seemed to have some ideas.. Demons you say?

On a related note, the Jerusalem Temple Mount Ufo case continues to draw controversy.Debunkers all over the place are laboriously trying to prove it a fake (maybe too laboriously) and more videos from different angles continue to surface. This is proving harder to discredit than some people thought.. 

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