Monday, February 7, 2011

Temple Mount UFO - hot topic!

An Internet Controversy has erupted concerning a UFO that appeared over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. Now the two above videos appear to be authentic and synchronized, despite efforts to debunk. The debunkers where debunked and, well, the truth did not exactly shine but it is nonetheless interesting. You cannot expect the Truth in these matters, right?

One of the four videos was actually fake, as it seems from this debunking attempt.

And yes, there is a fourth one:

Cool stuff, especially if it is real. The only thing that bothers me is the resemblance of the situation with the events in Skyline, the sci-fi movie recently released. Not proof of fake, but something to make you (and me) wonder..

IF it is real, what are They interested in? Could it be the Foundation Stone? Could it be that ancient relics and points of power have a more profound significance that just religion? Questions, questions.. Answers please!

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