Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sinkhole follow-up : Cthulhu is not in

This follow-up is related to my previous article on the Guatemalan sinkhole which almost devoured a city block a month ago.  Just to show that I have no problem with rational, clear-headed explanations which do not involve giant tentacled monstrosities, here’s an update.

It seems the waters from the sewage system augmented by the tropical storm Agatha eroded the loose soil where there used to be an old well, leading to collapse. It does not lead to Shamballa, Rlye’h, or anywhere else as it is only 30 meters deep..

An for some visual proof, here’s a set of pictures from the geologists who explored it..

Well, that was it. Another chance of mystery down the drain (or the sewer). But the best ones are right in front of our eyes, right?

Hat tip to forgetomori

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