Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Trail of Cthulhu - Guatemala


No, it’s not Photoshop. It is a giant sinkhole that swallowed a building in Guatemala City, after tropical storm Agatha. The pictures where published in the Guatemalan’s Government Flickr feed, otherwise I would think it was a hoax. Source: NY TImes.

I was amazed at how round it is, almost like a well. As for the depth, it seems no one knows yet, but it sure looks bottomless… Reminds me of that post I resisted a while back knowing that it was crap.


As I have stated in earlier posts, I have a thing for all things Hollow Earth, as well as the Cthulhu mythos in General. I mean, look at this hole. Shudde M’ell himself would have no trouble entering or exiting that hole. Really. But, then again, if he had, everyone in Guatemala City would be dead or stark raving mad. It’s that Great Old One effect we love so much.
Still, that hole gives me the chills…

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Anonymous said...

Holy cephalopod!