Monday, July 12, 2010

Plato’s Code cracked?


Dr Jay Kennedy, Science Historian at the University of Manchester published his findings on the US journal Apeiron, after studying Plato’s writings for more than five years.
He concludes that Plato used a mathematical/musical formula in his famous text the Republic where:

he placed clusters of words related to music after each twelfth of the text – at one-twelfth, two-twelfths, etc. This regular pattern represented the twelve notes of a Greek musical scale. Some notes were harmonic, others dissonant. At the locations of the harmonic notes he described sounds associated with love or laughter, while the locations of dissonant notes were marked with screeching sounds or war or death. This musical code was key to cracking Plato’s entire symbolic system.

Dr Kennedy, a researcher in the Centre for the History of Science, Technology and Medicine, says: “As we read his books, our emotions follow the ups and downs of a musical scale. Plato plays his readers like musical instruments….

Over the years Dr Kennedy carefully peeled back layer after symbolic layer, sharing each step in lectures in Manchester and with experts in the UK and US.

He recalls: “There was no Rosetta Stone. To announce a result like this I needed rigorous, independent proofs based on crystal-clear evidence.

“The result was amazing – it was like opening a tomb and finding new set of gospels written by Jesus Christ himself.

“Plato is smiling. He sent us a time capsule.”

Dr Kennedy’s findings are not only surprising and important; they overthrow conventional wisdom on Plato. Modern historians have always denied that there were codes; now Dr Kennedy has proved otherwise.

He adds: “This is the beginning of something big. It will take a generation to work out the implications. All 2,000 pages contain undetected symbols.”

Now that is interesting, but the part about the implications is the most intriguing. I mean, he did not really crack the code. He just proved that Plato’s writings have extra layers, but what those layers are meant to convey, is still a mystery as the scientist admits, the music thing being no more than a fiction writer’s gimmick to grab a hold of his audience.
I think Dr Kennedy will have his hands full trying to figure out hidden meanings and codes in the writings of the man who studied with Egyptian Priests, visited the Library of Alexandria, and first mentioned the existence of Atlantis…

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