Tuesday, December 29, 2009

(late) Gifts for the Paranormal Weirdo..

Some smart, some lame. The highlights include Ghost-Hunting Equipment from the aptly named ghost-mart.com/ (WTF!), as well as a piece of Software called Paratracker - Paranormal Case Management Software. According to the vendor, it includes images, sounds, videos, even a Google Map connection for Paranormal locales. Unfortunately there is no demo version, so if anyone was thinking of buying me a present, here's your chance (and a cheap one at that).
The only book in the list is called The Mothman's Photographer II,
witch sounds like the usual exploitation follow-up to a popular subject, but after reading some reviews, I started thinking that meybe there's more to it than that.
This guy sums it up with:
The Mothman's Photographer II is a fantastically strange trip into a world without rules, where just about anything goes, and where convention is thrown out of the window. But it works - and it works very well.
Surely it will make it to my Wish List.

So for those of you who have not gone present-shopping yet, or did not get what they asked Santa, here's the list to present to your equally weird family (pictured above).


Anonymous said...

You got me drooling over Mothman's Photographer II (you rascal, you...)!

Illuminatus said...

you and me both, brother.. (drool)