Friday, August 7, 2009

John Hughes is no more


John Hughes died today of a heart attack, age 59.

He was the Director of many 80’s teen movies like Pretty in Pink, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and, my personal favorite, The Breakfast Club.

Now, before you go “Huh? what does that have to do with anything, well, paranormal”. let me explain.
Hughes made movies far from the mainstream of the time, bringing to the spotlight – and with huge success – teenagers that where weird, outspoken, intelligent, outcasts, misfits. Real People.

He changed the genre, thus changing our perceptions forever. The outcasts became hip all over again years after the Bohemians. They showed you can be weird and charming and change the world and…
You see where I am going with this. Anything can happen, and it happens. All the time. If you see any of his movies that feeling stays with you for days. As a filmmaker all I can say is Respect…

What? You are not a misfit? What the hell are you doing reading a blog called Terra Incognita? You know it deals with The Paranormal, right? You should navigate away from here before someone finds out and they start calling you weird..

Well, the change his movies brought was not permanent, as in this age of shallowness the clueless are again hot. But then again, Anything can happen, right?

“I always preferred to hang out with the outcasts, ’cause they were cooler; they had better taste in music, for one thing, I guess because they had more time to develop one with the lack of social interaction they had!” ~John Hughes

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Anonymous said...

The man who brought us Molly, dead?!
[What do you mean "Molly who"?]