Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The locked Underground

Richard Shaver

Fate magazine has a nice overview of the Shaver Mystery along with some info on the Blowing Cave affair and the Wight Manuscript, both of which I have always dismissed as a publicity hoax. But now, wiser and older (…) I seem to be having second thoughts..

As I have stated before, I have found that the Underground seems to resist exploration, if it is a physical reality at all.. The mythical quality of such stories now, suddenly, seems consistent enough to warrant thoughts, correlations, hypotheses.
Having been a few days ago in a cave, the cave of Sfendonis in Crete, I came across it’s strange story: For years it has been used as a pen for livestock, mainly goats. From time to time a goat would disappear. Simple enough you say. Someone stole it.. Well, the disappearances happened near a particular opening in the cave wall. The people of the nearby village thought the cave was strange, and that you should avoid going near that opening. There where local legends that said that sometimes sparks occurred between visitors and the cave floor, and that the floor had some kind of “energy” to it. Then a child vanished into the cave. It was never found. How could that be, in a cave mapped and well known? The cave now is restricted, visitors allowed to visit only one third of its area “for safety reasons”, although is is no more dangerous than other caves. The visitors walk on a metal walkway 1.5 meters from the cave floor, and always accompanied by a “guide”, who clearly has nothing to say about the cave other than some minor Neolithic findings.
Do you see a pattern here? A secret? A cover-up?
Maybe, maybe not. After all it is a mapped, documented cave.

The Earth may not be hollow, after all, but human knowledge of the finer aspects of the universe is. In a big, gaping way..


Anonymous said...

For days now, I've been riding a synchronicity wave! It started when I learned that John Keel died in July and incorporated what you call the "mythical quality of stories", with one piece of information following the next in a kind of surreal Tetris game.

Btw, you may find this interesting:

Take a note on Keel's words to Dwight Whalen about Shaver's tale of Deros: "“It was all bullshit”.

[But, sometimes, the impact of a story can be more intriguing than the story itself -as you very well know.]

Illuminatus said...

Another great answer:

“What about the government coverup!” He replied, “You ever been to Washington D.C.? What time does rush hour start? 2 o'clock! And they get into work at 11 am usually. Then they take 2 hour lunches. So tell me, how can there be a coverup IF no one's doing any work!?” He made a great point.

And the impact of his thoughts, I think, is yet to be understood...