Friday, October 17, 2008

Real Estate Agents at work...

Well, they might have not made the grand appearance they where supposed to, but they are apparently lurking in other parts of the world, probably trying to find premium spots for their beach houses.. Istanbul being such a prime piece of real-estate, they made several appearances over there, and over a long period of time, not taking into account the widespread nature of portable video cameras.
Now, the video, aside from the hilarious translation attempt, is not the most shocking piece of evidence you can find. Anyone who has a rudimentary knowledge of UFO research can spot the problems.. Very shaky footage, no point of reference (if it was cut in editing it was a very poor decision), no action whatsoever (unless hovering in the same spot for long periods of time and then vanishing is considered action), and a general "let's make a UFO video tonight using simple household items" feeiling to it..
I could be wrong. I wish I am wrong. I wish that the luminous UFO is not a car transmission or a drainage pipe, but an actual craft piloted by something other than humans.
But, let's face it. Unless they perform a landing and takeoff near several news crews with high-def cameras, noone is going to take such stuff seriously.
Can you blame them?

─░stanbul / Kumburgaz UFO's and ALIENS ARE BACK in 2008! from fox mulder on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Look dad! An ashtray from outer space!

Illuminatus said...

Your powers of observation never cease to amaze me son! Now watch your ass because the more you look up, the possibility that something will creep up from below gets nearer..