Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Meteors, UFOs and more: Strange Days indeed!

You don’t have to search for weird stuff happening these last few months. Instead it seems to be making it’s way to mainstream media more and more, proof that waves of events can no longer be ignored or attributed to imagination and hoax.
Increasing UFO sighting with thousands of witnesses, a multitude of reports of Loud Booms- a separate category on itself these days –, droning sounds from underground, freak storms and a giant meteor in Russia a few days ago.
Admittedly the meteor does not lent itself to any paranormal association, but it sure gave a nice War of the Worlds feel to the whole thing…
Last but not least, there’s the shifting perception of reality, reported by lot’s of people, although I am not sure we have words to describe a shift in Reality’s Core. It is intriguing and scary stuff, and we’ll get back to that soon. These are interesting times indeed..

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