Friday, April 19, 2013

Ningen: Deep Ones in the Antarctic?

The video frame above is said to depict a Ningen, a creature of Japanese lore, said to live in the depths of Antarctic waters.
Ningen literally means "human" in Japanese, and they have been spotted by Japanese fishermen and "research ships" (translation: whaling ships) during the last decade.
There are a few blurry photographs and some really blurry videos of these things, and the following details, coming from an anonymous researcher:
They are humanoid in appearence, long arms with five fingers, (or not if you read another account), have legs (or fins), are completely white, and are 20 to 30 meters in length. (!!!!) They mostly surface at night, and they are difficult to spot because they resemble icebergs.

Now that's a large creature.. Aliens? The Deep Ones? Shoggoths? (remember At the Mountains of Madness? it was set in the Antarctic)
Your guess is as good as mine.. Here's what Mysterious Universe has to say
While the first known reports of theses mammoth monstrosities are apparently untraceable; it is accepted that the Ningen did not gain any real notoriety until a description of these creatures appeared online in a popular Japanese forum known as 2channel. The individual posting claimed to have been working on a “government whale research vessel,” when one of these creatures rose up from the depths.
According to the account, the anonymous crew member — along with fellow researchers — scrambled up onto the deck to catch a glimpse of what they initially thought was a “foreign submarine” floating on the horizon. However, as the research vessel approached the object it became evident that they were not dealing with a machine-tooled structure, but a living, breathing, behemoth. The crew stared in awe at this biological anomaly until it submerged moments later.
There are persistent rumors that suggest that members of this research team managed to snap a series of extraordinary photos of the “thing” during their brief encounter, but these images were allegedly suppressed in order to spare the government funded research team the shame — and financial ruin — of being associated with this unusual event.
An here's a video said to be depicting a Ningen

Alien / Ningen Sighting : Sagami Bay, Japan Aug... από MysteryHistoryTV

Whatever these things are, I suspect information will be slow at coming, forever keeping them in the long light of uncertainty.. 

More photos and Videos Here 

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